Dabbla: Life is the greatest joke of all time

Dabbla: Life is the greatest joke of all time

Dabbla has something to say before his gig on 1st of November at club Terminal 1. And better listen / read carefully because he is one of the most consistent MC’s to ever emerge out of the UK, whether it be tearing it up as one third of the Dead Players, Problem Child or London Zoo, he has always impressed and left hordes of fans demanding more of his signature golden flow, trademark humour and unparalleled skill.

An: Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music – DJambore.com. Dabbla, your freakiness has come a long way since you took the mic 22 years ago… What did you accomplish since then, what are you dreaming of right now?

Dabbla: I’ve had the pleasure of travelling the world and screaming ‘olly olly olly – fuck Donald Trump‘ in peoples faces.

It’s worth it. Don’t ever stop… Talking about monkeys, you’ve released 2 albums Year Of The Monkey (2016) and Chapsville (2017) for High Focus and now you are focusing on Potent Funk Records. How did you get into the label High Focus? Tell me, please, more about your label and the artist you are working with.

I’ve made 3 x London Zoo (LDZ) Albums, 2 x Dead Players Albums & a Problem Child Album. I know it’s confusing but I’ve only ever released one solo album, ‘Chapsville‘ was really a mixtape of solo stuff I’ve been sat on for while which didn’t make it on the Year Of The Monkey’ LP. That’s why we called Chapsville a ‘project‘.  I started Potent Funk Records in the early 2000’s with Sumgii (Cult Mountain, 616, Problem Child) and so it made sense to bring my 2nd solo album out on our own label now that we have all our systems in place. The label is home to me Dabbla, LDZ (Pierre Green, Cobes, Frosty, Harry The Bastard & myself) & Problem Child (Sumgii, Illaman, Dubbledge and myself).

We now have two new signings to the label – Benofficial & Prozac who have a ‘5 Star Anarchy’ waves sound and we have Final BossFinal Boss is kind of hard describe which is why it’s on the label. Potent Funk specialises in ‘Hybrid Rap Shit’ which is best describes the music we make.

OK, so you would like to collaborate with artists from the experimental art scene? 

I don’t many off the top of my head but I’m all about that experimental shit as long as it works.

In your single FUTD (Fuck Up the Dance) you sing “I’ll catch you up/Don’t wait for me/Yeah I suppose keep cracking on with it/ Nice to know they got hate for me”. Do you enjoy being hated?

Hate is a very confused emotion. It can be enjoyable to watch when its not you suffering from it I guess (haha), but, nah, no one likes hate, even though it’s kinda part of love. I enjoy being loved more.

Me too. In your lyrics there is also an outstanding sense of humor. What makes you laugh? Do you have a favourite comedy show? Could you please tell us a good joke you’ve heard recently?

Yeah, man laughter is that medicine and life’s the greatest joke of all time, right? I love comedies, my top 5 comedians of all time are George Carlin, Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope, Jim Jefferies & Frankie Boyle . I can’t think of anything funny right now, unfortunately.

How the audience and its taste influences your art/creativity? Do you have to simplify the meaning of your lyrics to be understood from everybody?

Not really man, I don’t ever simplify anything content wise, I’m always trying to swim deeper. But sometimes the beats can influence simpler flows for me.

Old school vs. New school / Hip Hop vs. Grime/Drill – your personal choice?

Ooh, tricky. Creatively, I’m gonna say new school. There’s so much more excitement in things which haven’t been done yet.

Your live shows are great and I am excited about your concert in club Terminal 1! What would you ask your Bulgarian fans?

Love that! This will be my first ever solo show in Bulgaria and i’m moist with excitement! I guess all I can really ask is for everyone to come and enjoy some of this Hybrid Rap Shit!

For sure, thank you and see you there!