The Ultimate New Year Bang

The Ultimate New Year Bang

On New Year’s Eve we had the honour to visit the most spectacular and attractive party at Kopitoto SkyLoft – Kopitoto Ultimate NYE, kindly organized by ФАЗА, HMSU, Royal Mansion, DifferenD and Bangaz Nights. The event lasted over 12 hours and took place on 4 stages, featuring over 30 artists, according to the following timetable. 

Right from the entrance, we came across the Trap & Hip-Hop scene, which was started by our crazy friend and DJ Inkarnation, aka Karnacheto Baby. One Love! Modern dope sound, combined in a carefully selected track’s selection (aka “Bangers Only”)! The party started more than just fine!

The next moment, our boy Flippy aka Flipperah, ака ESKI boy, took the stage and raised the crowd with his mega dope track of the same name:

After another 2-3 rags from Flipperah, the stage was occupied by the Sofia underground rap legends – 5 o’clock. Things were getting even more “rap” – “good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t need to introduce myself, my name is Spens-nyata” – Spens was on stage, who previously drank from his new vodka Rap and Roll, which we definitely liked it (or we just like to get free stuff). Spens proved that he hadn’t stopped being able to do it live on the stage (to perform), even for a moment, as pleasantly dizzy girlfriends in fishnet-style tights roamed the stage. It smelled like Gangsta Party!

As we raised our hands and sang to the beat of music between our youth (rap) and that of our mature 30’s (techno), we tried to find the techno scene, which was diligently warmed up by J-Lost and then taken in safe hands and minds of PvrvllelSelf. Unfortunately, due to the bad timing (or because the blue skull pill was kicking off), we could not organize ourselves well and stayed on the rap, happily sipping our vodka from Spens. Anyway, we are sure that soon we will have a chance to compensate and enjoy again the selection of Julie or the live set/performance of Blaze and Self. For those who watched them – please tell us in a comment here how it was.

At the beginning of 2022, or shortly after midnight, we successfully returned to the bosom of techno music, or simply – the techno scene, where we planned to take root by the end of the party. The truth is that we were afraid to miss Daria Kolosova, whom we were looking forward to. Shortly before 02:00 (when Daria was officially announced to start) we had the chance to enjoy the set of Nikolay Kirov, which surprised us more than pleased.

Speaking of Daria Kolosova (Ukraine), who we accidentally found in a video on the HÖR BERLIN platform, we were extremely surprised and excited to learn that she will be one of the foreign guests at this New Year’s party. Not to mention that we went there mainly because of her (although we know that she recently got engaged to the Berlin DJ Etapp Kyle – b.a.).

Daria стартира обрано и стегнато, сякаш леко нетипично за нея, но още в първите минути сетът и премина в енергичния истински рейв звук, който бяхме свикнали да чуваме от нея (за справка – тук и тук). Разтапяхме се около 3 часа, колкото продължи и сетът й.

Daria started tight, as if a little atypical for her, but in the first minutes the set and passed into the energetic real rave sound that we were used to hearing from her (check out here & here). We melted for about 3 hours, as long as her set lasted.

Around 05:00 behind the counter stood a legend of techno music – the Frenchman UMWELT [Rave or Die | New Flesh Records], about whom, to be honest, we hadn’t heard much. It impressed us that he played on vinyls, and that his selection and sound were deeper and more hypnotic than Daria Kolosova’s. And if by chance you, like us, haven’t heard of Umwelt so far, you can listen to its releases in bandcamp or SoundCloud.

A little later, we were abducted by our friend to the Drum’N’Bass scene, for which, for some reason, we still could not find the time. We arrived there around 06:00 during the Faith’s set, which sounded more or less like that: 

Big UP for bass music that stays in our hearts forever (despite everything)!

After Faith, we waited for the set of E:LLE, which offered us a different sound, then returned to the techno scene for the end of the set of Umwelt (at 08:00).

Exactly at 08:00 TEDKA followed, which impressed us very much with its closing up set of PHASE x Erotomania 5.0. EBM with a slightly industrial flavor and of course – techno… a wonderful almost-finished evening.
The party was deservedly “closed” by the set of BlingKick, or Niki from ФАЗА, whom we have to thank very much for the opportunity to cover this spectacular event for you!

Instead of a resume:
The party gathered connoisseurs of several genres, offering not just – something for everyone, but rather – the best of everything for everyone. Being there was a wonderful opportunity to see old friends from other music circles that we see less often lately. We are sure that others have shared this feeling – to gather, not separate the connoisseurs of different styles, especially on New Year’s Eve, is more than wonderful. We wish to visit more parties like this one in the future. Dear friends, don’t stop pursuing your dreams in the new 2022 year. For many years!