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The Ultimate New Year Bang

On New Year’s Eve we had the honour to visit the most spectacular and attractive party at Kopitoto SkyLoft – Kopitoto Ultimate NYE, kindly organized by ФАЗА, HMSU, Royal Mansion, DifferenD and Bangaz Nights. The event lasted over 12 hours and took place on 4 stages, featuring over 30 artists, according to the following timetable.  […]

Lenzman: Keep things pressure free

Ladies and gents, may we speak with Mr.Lenzman just a month before Vola Open Air? Yes, we can!:) Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music – DJambore.com. I’m excited to have you at Vola Open Air Fest 2019. Where do I find you right now? What are you up to today?   Lenzman: I’m excited to […]

FINK, the aliens and the butcher’s dog

A pretty little chat with FINK just before his performance on the 8th of October @ Sofia Live Club. anna: You have come a long way since your first album Fresh Production. Which were your greatest breakthroughs in the music career and live? FINK: It is true – I have come a long way since […]

Delinquent Habits: We Value The Art of Hip Hop

Kemo the Blaxican & Ives Irie of Delinquent Habits are talking about the love, the hope and their reunion. Drummo Projid: You will be in Bulgaria for the 4th time! We, the Bulgarian die-hard fans, are looking forward to you impatiently. Any surprise to be expected?  Ives Irie: Many surprises to be unleashed. Kemo the […]


Mariza ми говори… за достигане до духовна зрялост, интимност и детски приспивни песни anna: Всеки път нещо ми трепва отвътре, когато разбера, че пак ще си в София. И сега е така, а ти идваш вече за трети път в България. Спомняш ли си нещо интересно от последните посещения тук? Mariza: Всеки път, когато идвам […]