A State of Mind: We’re samurais through discipline, tolerance, respect and perseverance…

A State of Mind: We’re samurais through discipline, tolerance, respect and perseverance…

Sharing a few words with FP from A State of Mind, just before their gig in Sofia…

Hello from DJambore.com – the independent Bulgarian media for music! I love your vibes and I am excited to see you for the first time on 28th of January at club Terminal 1! Do you like the feeling of being somewhere for the first time? Where was your first concert and how was it? 🙂     

FP (A State of Mind) : Sup DJambore? We’re super excited to come kick it in Bulgaria for the first time. That feeling is irreplaceable.       We love being thrown in the deep end or any kind of wildcard situation. It’s in those spontaneous moments that the beauty of life manifests itself. Our first concert was more than 10 years ago in Frankfurt, Germany, where we met. A smokey little cave called Funkadelc, packed with the crew – and Rob.

 Are you going to stay for a while in Sofia, to take a look around or you are here just for the gig?

Unfortunately we have to leave the day after the gig, but we really wanna have a traditional Bulgarian style party after the show. And if you invite us back, we’ll be there. Also we gotta play in Greece the next day, otherwise I’m sure we’d check out what the city has to offer.

I like your bio intro on your website: A forgotten ancient world of bloodstained samurai swords and majestic sunsets over desert landscapes, ASM’s third album, The Jade Amulet, is their Magnus Opus. Imagine a Quentin Tarantino movie set in ancient Greece and scored by Ennio Morricone and A Tribe Called Quest. For which film director you would like to compose an OST? What makes you samurai nowadays?

I think other than Quentin Tarantino whom would fit perfectly with what we do, maybe Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers, or Martin Scorsese – something epic with a very distinct artistic style driven by great dialogue  and vast imagery. We’re samurais through discipline, tolerance, respect, and perseverance… and occasionally  slicing soundbrahs clean from neck to sack.

Your last album The Jade Amulet was released more than 1 year ago and includes 40 page comic book. Tell me, please, more about the comic book and the idea behind it. If you were characters from a comic book who you would be?

We love comics, but more than that we love absorbing music with all of our senses. Nowadays a lot of music is taken for granted due to oversaturation. It just kind of washes over people, especially the youths. So as well as out of own interest in how far we can take a concept album experience, we wanted to give people an awesome artifact to consume, not just a vine clip in the news feed. The comic book is basically an aid that guides the listener through the story and requires all of ones concentration and many listens (and views) to fully grasp the beautiful details hidden within. The Jade Amulet was the kind of album we wanted to hear and actually spend money on. It terms of characters, I see myself as a bit of a Celestia.

You have collaborated with Wax Tailor and Chinese Man? Are you planning future collaborations with them or someone else?

Absolutely. They’re good homies, so whenever cool projects and ideas come up, we’re all ears. Starting in March for example, Green and I (FP) will be joining Chinese Man on their “Shikantaza” album tour. A lot of dates allover Europe, so keep an eye out for that. We’re always meeting cool people though, and are open for anyone who can bring the fire. I hear this guy Rhino is pretty damn fresh!

In what state of mind are you right now?

Optimistic about the end of humanity.

Anything else?

Always Love thy neighbor and don’t meddle with his wench or livestock.

Thank you! See you tomorrow!