Delinquent Habits: We Value The Art of Hip Hop

Delinquent Habits: We Value The Art of Hip Hop

Kemo the Blaxican & Ives Irie of Delinquent Habits are talking about the love, the hope and their reunion.

Drummo Projid: You will be in Bulgaria for the 4th time! We, the Bulgarian die-hard fans, are looking forward to you impatiently. Any surprise to be expected?

 Ives Irie: Many surprises to be unleashed.

Kemo the Blaxican: I’m excited to hear that Bulgaria welcomes Delinquent Habits with warmth and anticipation. Our shows are always one of a kind. I can’t think of any two alike and that makes each unique in its own way. I believe the surprise arises from how each person feels with their Delinquent experience.

What is the main message of your new album “It Could Be Round Two”?

II: At any time the end could come, be ready to meet your maker.

KB: For me round two encompasses the realm of the second coming. The end of times is a common thread these days and although I feel that the world is in a state of great pain and suffering, I also believe it’s important to wrap your mind around hope. Round Two also refers to the union of Ives and myself after ten years apart.

Kemo the Blaxican Delinquent Habits

Who won in Round One?

II: Nobody. Round One has no winner.

What prompted you to record this album?

II: Something from inside of me had to make this happen…

KB: Timing is everything. Ives reached out and it was at a point where I started to contemplate the idea of what it would be like to record another album with Ives again. We sat down at dinner with our ladies and talked about the concept of coming together again to record another album. It wasn’t long after that we got started on recording “It Could Be Round Two.”

Ives Irie Delinquent Habits

You are performing more than 25 years on stage… Which are your key values and what is your mission?

II: Be true to myself, my God, my family, my music, and be good to everyone

KB: I value the art of hip hop. I enjoy the element and connection with Ives on stage. There is an energy on stage that’s unlike anything else. Music is my co-conspirator to the poisoned pen I keep. The focus is to accentuate, condense and assemble the empty speechlessness. It’s a way to communicate and connect with others.

You have done many cool collaborations. The new album is no exception. Please, share with us some interesting stories from the kitchen during the recordings of your new album.

II: As in Vegas, what happens in the studio stays in the studio 🙂

KB: I would love to share some fantastical stories on the making of this album, but the truth is it was one of the most gruesome albums I’ve ever been a part of recording. However, I don’t think the album would have been as epic as it is without the incredible struggle it took to get it recorded and out.

What is the world today – freer or safer?

II: The world never gets freer or safer, only more dishonest

KB: Freer

Where the walls and barriers begin and end in the world today?

II: They begin in our mind, and never end.

 KB: Lack of respect can form ugly walls and barriers. We all have different opinions, different goals, different mind sets. I don’t except people to be onboard with my state of mind or how I think. Tolerance is expected, respect is expected just as I extend respect to all those around me. We need to have patience as a society and kindness for humanity. Set good examples for our youth on how to treat people. It’s the same idea in regards to music.

Do you feel like modern poets? Is there still a place for hip hop poetry – in a world of cold virtual technologies, abundance of information, news and fake news and deepening social inequality?

II: There is room for all that is creative, as for social inequality, this to me exists but only until it is revealed. Fake news for sure CNN (Clinton News Network), MSNBC, ALL lies all the time, the truth is behind the fear of true change for power to the people, that is why the media and left side are fighting so hard for the status quo.

KB: A poet is something that lives within, part of the make-up of your soul. Although the world can be saturated with a feeling of numbness due to the overexposure of your fore-mentioned, but it’s that exactly what fuels my fire. The poet inside can’t be buried. If it’s buried it grows like planted seed. Hip Hop will always be alive. It will always carry the poets message.

What’s that that’s making you feel this hardcore?

II: The social inequality of those who work pay the way of those who do not work!

KB: Love and hope.