The Allergies: Life without making music is no life at all

The Allergies: Life without making music is no life at all

The Allergies is the production/DJ outfit from heavyweight disc jocks Rackabeat (Chai Wallahs) and DJ Moneyshot (Solid Steel). Drawing on such influences as Boca 45, DJ Format, Gramatik and RJD2, the pair aim to bring that vintage sound of sampled funk, beats and breaks back to the forefront of club music. Their first performance in Bulgaria will be @ club Terminal 1, Sofia – 28/04.  And we want to learn more about them… Take a look at their heads.

zloNEdej: Hey, in what kind of mood are you right now? Can you describe it with only one song?

Rackabeat: Hi, man. ONE song? OK, how about Skeewiff “Rock da house”?

That should get the pulse racing!

Wow, I like it a lot! As far as I know all about you is funky. In Sofia funk is everywhere and most of my friends try to be in funky mood, to talk funky and this is just how they go naturally. I wanna know how to look funky when I am in your hometown – Bristol.

The Bristol “Funky look” would be part festival clothes, part dope streetwear like Stüssy and maybe a cool Jalapeno records t-shirt, to show our label some love. Or whatever you slept in last night.

Your new single Love That I’m In is out now. It’s terrific and is once again feat. Andy Cooper. What other collaborations are you planning for the second album?

Mr Cooper looms very large over the new album. Besides writing all the lyrics for Love That I’m In, he’ll also feature on the B-Boy battle banger, Buzzsaw, Disco groover, Main Event, as well as album opener, It Won’t Be Me. Oh, and he wrote the lyrics for Northern Soul monster, Entitled to That, featuring the same vocalist as Love That I’m In

The new video smells like 80’s. Do you think 80’s were the golden years of funk. What’s new and what has changed by now? Favorite new funky artists? 🙂

Since the late 60s the Funk got right on “the one”, but its golden age was definitely the 70s. We love all that. The 80s kept the torch burning and brought in new elements like boogie and rap, which we draw on with Love That I’m In. These days you only have to check labels like Jalapeno, Tru Thoughts, Truth & Soul, Stones Throw, Jazzman and Daptone to see today’s rude health. People like Charles Bradley, Lack of Afro, and Lee Fields are so vintage, but so now, too.

Where do you feel most inspired to create smashing mixtures?

Every day. Everywhere. In the studio, or in the club. Anywhere that we have a funky loop running, or a dope break playing. We don’t know any other way…

 What kind of a dance move you would like to show to the Bulgarian fans that you’ll meet in club Terminal 1?

Moneyshot may attempt a “Running Man”, where as Rackabeat prefers “The Whop”.  Either way, they should only be attempted by professionals, which is why we only do them sparingly…

 What would you do if you weren’t musicians?

 We’d probably be sat at home crying. Life without making music is no life at all. See you in Sofia!