The Casualties: Our Gigs Are Loud, Funny and Smelly!

The Casualties

The Casualties: Our Gigs Are Loud, Funny and Smelly!

Ready for the upcoming concert in Sofia? You’d better be, because The Casualties have something to say!

The CrazyNinjaDoctor: What do you expect from your gig in Sofia? In Bulgaria we have a lot of pseudo Nazis, you know. Do you expect any provocations and bloody fights? 

Jorge Herrera (The Casualties): I expect nothing. I’m excited to visit a country I have never been to. I love meeting and seeing new places and faces. I can only hope there are no fights.


What has changed over the years? When did you become so big?

Not too much has changed. We all can play our instruments a little bit better now. Did we become big? That’s news to me. We’ve just been playing and touring for so many years, we have gained a good following. Without our fans we are nothing.

What kind of music makes you laugh?

Christian Metal.

Who is your favourite country singer?

Willie Nelson.

Describe your gig in 3 words!

Fun, smelly, loud.

Some of the early 90’s punk bands are becoming more and more pop shit nowadays… What do you think is the reason for that?

I wish you named some specific bands because I’m not sure who you are referring to. But if a band changes their sound it can be for a number of reason. People change, people find different influences along the way, some people want to gain more fans. Whatever the reason, I don’t care. The Casualties are a hardcore punk band and will always be. We have influences in every type of music.  We still maintain our punk roots with our influences.

Have you heard something about the Bulgarian punk scene?

I heard you are all crazy. Ha-ha-ha… I can’t wait to see what happens.

I can’t wait, either. Thank you, see you soon!