All EXIT ticket holders get two more beach festivals as a holiday gift

EXIT, one of the world’s leading festivals, apart from its stellar lineup spread over 20 stages and 20 more zones at the stunning Petrovaradin Fortress, is also known for the great value for money. Along with its affordable tickets, EXIT now grants all of its ticket holders a very sunny gift for the upcoming holidays, […]


Have you heard of Pohoda festival? Here are some facts that should make you immediately buy a ticket for the next year’s edition, we are also going for sure! But why? Pohoda is one of the largest Central European festivals, located in the area of the old airport of Trenchin city. It is huge, not […]

The Casualties

The Casualties: Our Gigs Are Loud, Funny and Smelly!

Ready for the upcoming concert in Sofia? You’d better be, because The Casualties have something to say! The CrazyNinjaDoctor: What do you expect from your gig in Sofia? In Bulgaria we have a lot of pseudo Nazis, you know. Do you expect any provocations and bloody fights?  Jorge Herrera (The Casualties): I expect nothing. I’m excited […]

dj gypsy box

DJ Gypsy Box: People’s Energy Feeds Me As Much As All My Vodka Shots

DJ Gypsy Box on the mic to tell us more about dancing and having fun just before his upcoming performance at club Maze on the 22th of October. zloNedej: I loved your performance during Zenith Festival… And as a team member wrote “As you are drunk enough, hardly something can be such a pleasure as […]

Eyes Up for József Trefeli & Mike Winter

“UP is an enigmatic state inspiring immediate enthusiasm. In this new choreography six amazing men dance a dynamic lifting vocabulary with raw energy to exhilarating result. “ József Trefeli & Mike Winter’s play UP is a part of ONE DANCE WEEK program. Interested in what they are UP to, we have exchanged a few words […]

Idan Raichel for the soundtrack of his life team is so excited because the Israeli musician singer and songwriter Idan Raichel will give the opening concert in the Festival of Tolerance (Tole-Fest) in Sofia 2016 on 17th of September. Let’s take a close look at Tzvete ( associate) and Idan Raichel conversation… Tzvete: Do you still feel the songs you wrote 10 […]

Subcarpati. The Beautiful People.

 Subcarpati interview just before their performance @ Kavatsi Beach Fest! anna: Hi, Subcarpati! I am so excited and I am looking forward to see your performance during “Kavatsi Beach Festival 2016″! May each of you introduce himself and the band in one word? Subcarpati: Hi, we are Bean MC – vocal and producer, Vali Umbra – vocal, Afo – vocal, Power Pe Vinyl […]

Scott Bradlee: If a song already sounds “vintage,” I don’t change it

Scott Bradlee plays his “Postmodern Jukebox“. Just listen to him… anna: I can see that you love to “translate” popular songs in different musical languages… How would you feel if you compose a song of your own and afterwards you hear the leitmotif in completely different arrangement?   Scott Bradlee: I think translating melodies into different […]