Moonlight Breakfast: You don’t depend on TV to broadcast your favorite music

When I get tired of deepening into the meaning and the truth, there are several bands that make me out of the blackout. One of them is Moonlight Breakfast. The interview with Christie (the vocal) feels like drinking frappe in a hot morning somewhere near Vama Veche. Try it out! anna: Hello from the independent […]

Kan Wakan and the killing beauty of the sundance

Hi, I know your music for a long time, and now, I want to get to know the person behind it… What do you think about yourself? Hello! Thank you for having me! What kind of person… it’s quite a philosophical thing isn’t it… self reflection is a luxury. to reflect on one’s self and […]

The Allergies: Life without making music is no life at all

The Allergies is the production/DJ outfit from heavyweight disc jocks Rackabeat (Chai Wallahs) and DJ Moneyshot (Solid Steel). Drawing on such influences as Boca 45, DJ Format, Gramatik and RJD2, the pair aim to bring that vintage sound of sampled funk, beats and breaks back to the forefront of club music. Their first performance in […]

Yellow Spots: Expect a high, energetic, fast swing-a-billy show!

Can’t wait for Yellow Spots live performances in Sofia and Plovdiv? Let’s take a word with the band before that. anna: Have you been to Bulgaria before? What do you expect? Daniel Schlekman (dobok, vokál / drums, vocal – Schleki): Yello’ everybody! We are waitin’ to show you our absolutely not normal and very spectacular […]


Mariza ми говори… за достигане до духовна зрялост, интимност и детски приспивни песни anna: Всеки път нещо ми трепва отвътре, когато разбера, че пак ще си в София. И сега е така, а ти идваш вече за трети път в България. Спомняш ли си нещо интересно от последните посещения тук? Mariza: Всеки път, когато идвам […]

Marc O’Reilly: Hopefully, I have managed to swim against the current!

Sweet talks are made of this… Put some Irish whiskey in your coffee and listen to Marc O’Reilly… anna: Hello from DJambore.com – the independent Bulgarian media for music taste! How does it taste your music? Like an Irish whiskey – smooth and sweet? Are there any side effects? Marc O’Reilly: Haha, I hope it […]

Ara Malikian: I wish to be on stage for the rest of my life

Ara Malikian – one of the most colorful and magnificent violinists of our generation, has strong fingers and friendly words. Read cautiously. 🙂 anna: Hello from DJambore.com – the independent Bulgarian media for music! I love your crazy style and vibes and it will be an honor for me to see them “alive” on 28th […]