Moonlight Breakfast: You don’t depend on TV to broadcast your favorite music

Moonlight Breakfast: You don’t depend on TV to broadcast your favorite music

When I get tired of deepening into the meaning and the truth, there are several bands that make me out of the blackout. One of them is Moonlight Breakfast. The interview with Christie (the vocal) feels like drinking frappe in a hot morning somewhere near Vama Veche. Try it out!

anna: Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music – I love your jazz, swing, electric style and I am happy that I can watch your performance once again. The first concert was cozy, but you have had а cold so it was hard for her to sing. I hope to find you in good health this time. What has changed from the last time you have been in Sofia in 2015?

Christie, Moonlight Breakfast: Hi, we’re looking forward to playing in Sofia again. I actually had to see a doctor before the show in 2015, and we almost had to cancel. We are so happy it worked out, we ended up having a great time!  The audience was amazing! 🙂 In the meantime we released our second album, “Time” so we are excited to perform it!

I guess many people that have heard your music are surprised that you are from Romania. I, myself, thought that you are from Australia, Denmark or UK. Why you sing only in English?

I guess I sing in English because it just comes naturally. It’s a lot easier for people to relate to the music if they are also able to understand the message.

What about the Romanian nu-jazz bands? Which are the most interesting among them? Which is the most popular music genre in your country?

Among our favorite bands right now is Golan. They’re a three-piece band from Romania. They are more of a house, nudisco, jazz, electronica mix, really cool sound. As far as the most popular music genre is concerned, we can’t really say. If you judge by radio and TV airplay, then it’s the big mainstream artists, as it probably is everywhere else.

However people can just very easily choose what they want to listen to, there are so many platforms that allow you to customize your playlist, that you don’t depend on radio and TV stations to broadcast your favorite music.

I have been in many festivals in Bucharest, which are your favorite ones?

Our favorite festival right next to Bucharest has to be Summer Well. We love the line-up every year and there’s a really good vibe overall. The location is dreamy and the people are really cool.

What’s the best time for composing music, before or after breakfast?

The reason we are called Moonlight Breakfast is actually because when we first started writing and recording we could only work after our son (Bazooka’s and mine) went to bed. You know, we’re musicians, so we have a pretty crazy schedule sometimes, that being said, breakfast can mean 09:00 or 14:00 or 22:00 or 04:00… We have just been on tour in Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, so in between all the traveling and sound checks and concerts we barely had the time to sleep enough, so breakfast was whenever we woke up.  🙂

As far as the best time for music writing is, it’s all the time: at home, in the studio, in the car, on the plane, we’ve even recorded and produced tracks while on the road.

What inspires you? Artists, events, situations, etc.…

I think we’re inspired by everything that surrounds us.

I am very interested in the story behind the name of your producer and drummer – Bazooka…

Bazooka actually got his nickname after the Bazooka Bubble Gum, while playing in a very popular rock band called OCS.

If you have to shout against something, what it will be?

We would rather shout for something! And we actually do, all the time, we sing and shout for a good time, for enjoying life, living in the moment and for not taking things for granted.

Have a Moonlight Breakfast @ club Terminal 1 on May 27