Marc O’Reilly: Hopefully, I have managed to swim against the current!

Marc O’Reilly: Hopefully, I have managed to swim against the current!

Sweet talks are made of this… Put some Irish whiskey in your coffee and listen to Marc O’Reilly

anna: Hello from – the independent Bulgarian media for music taste! How does it taste your music? Like an Irish whiskey – smooth and sweet? Are there any side effects?

Marc O’Reilly: Haha, I hope it tastes OK. Ya, I suppose it could be compared to an Irish whiskey, smooth, sweet and with a kick.

What is the thing about your music that you should never compromise?

Marc O’Reilly: I think one should always write what one believes in, and stay true to oneself. Otherwise the enjoyment will be taken out of the whole process.

On the 19th and 21st of March you will perform in Sofia and Plovdiv. Are you in Bulgaria for the very first time? Do you know musiciansfrom Bulgaria that are popular in Ireland?

Marc O’Reilly: Yes it is my first time to be and play in Bulgaria. I am very excited about it. I do not know any Bulgarian bands or musicians that are popular in Ireland, sorry!

In an interview you have said that “Every single gig I get nervous it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, I always get nervous”. Are you nervous before the gigs in Bulgaria? How do you overcome your nervousness, do you use some kind of ritual or something?

Marc O’Reilly: Yes I always get nervous. For me – I am just used to it now. It is a healthy thing because it keeps you on your toes.

What was your favourite trip? In which festivals over Europe you would like to perform this year?

Marc O’Reilly: Kansas, last year, such a cool experience! Would love to go back to Glastonbury with my band.

In what kind of mood are you right now? Can you describe it with only one song?

Marc O’Reilly: Very happy. Just started the tour and the weather is awesome and first show went great!
One song, am, Penny Lane by the Beatles.

Are you a part of the Human Herdings (the name of his last EP)?

Marc O’Reilly:I guess I was but hopefully, I have managed to swim against the current!

Marc O’Reilly is @ Stroeja on March 19 and @ Void on March 21.