Easy Like Poldoore Morning

Easy Like Poldoore Morning

Before our virtual meeting, I did not know anything about Poldoore. Or rather Thomas Schillebeeckx. I only remembered that  I have played on repeat his album Street Bangerz Vol 6 : Playhouse, to make me feel relaxed and to look at the stupidity around me calmly, confidently. That’s why I felt euphoria when I have realized he will be one of the artists in Hippielandia Festival… and that I could smash him with a few questions from DJambore.com’s stand …

anna: Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music – Djambore.com. I love your vibes but I don’t know nothing about your personality. Could you, please, describe yourself in three words? What do you think about yourself?

Poldoore: Well hello there. If I had to describe myself I would say that I’m laid back, meticulous and humorous.

Tell me, please, about your musical journey. From where did you start and where are you now?

I started playing the piano in the late 90s when I was about 10 years old, because I saw all these cool eurodance-producers rocking out on their synthesizers on TV. I wanted to be like them. I quit the piano lessons when I was about 15, and started messing around in music production software a couple of years later. I was instantly hooked and have been making music ever since.

In an interview you said “I love performing anywhere in France and Greece is really cool too”. What do you expect from the Bulgarian audiences? Do you know something about the previous edition of Hippielandia?

I don’t really know too much about the previous editions to be honest, but from what I’ve seen the location looks amazing. I really like the variation in the lineup as well. I’m sure the crowd is cool too. I tend to think they’re pretty similar to the Greek, don’t know if that’s true though. Although it’s a compliment.

What did you do in your day off and the day after?

On a day off I like to hang out with my girlfriend, friends and family, throw a BBQ, cook dinner, go for a jog or visit concerts. If the weather is bad I really enjoy watching documentaries, or mess around with some photos in Photoshop.

We are only talking about your Poldoore. Do you participate in other musical project? Which are they?

Some years ago I released 2 EP’s and a couple of remixes under the Moodprint alias, a project on which I collaborated with a friend of mine. But due to a lack of time I had to leave the project after a year or two.

What inspires you? Artists, events, situations, etc.…

Anything really… Listening to music, traveling, going to concerts or festivals, jogging, talking to people…

 What would you do if you weren’t musicians?

 I have no clue… Music has been dominating my life for the past 10 years, so I have no idea what else I would be doing. Probably working an unsatisfying desk job… I don’t want to think about that though. I couldn’t be happier the way everything turned out with music.

See you @ Hippielandia Festival on 23th of June!