Subcarpati. The Beautiful People.

Subcarpati. The Beautiful People.

 Subcarpati interview just before their performance @ Kavatsi Beach Fest!

subcarpatianna: Hi, Subcarpati! I am so excited and I am looking forward to see your performance during “Kavatsi Beach Festival 2016″! May each of you introduce himself and the band in one word?

Subcarpati: Hi, we are Bean MC – vocal and producer, Vali Umbra – vocal, Afo – vocal, Power Pe Vinyl – dj, Madalina Paval – vocal, Zoom – vj and Mara – vocal.

How did Suie Paparude transform into Subcarpati?

Suie Paparude is one of the first Romanian electro bands and Bean has been their MC since 2009. Subcarpati is a different project founded by Bean MC. So Suie Paparude did not transform into Subcarpati…

What was your favourite journey by now – as a band travelling for gigs, and as musicians experimenting with various styles? Favourite Romanian bands and festivals?

We definitely enjoyed Open Air Ottensheim in Linz… and staying in the Kapu, squat where such artists as Nirvana where also invited meant a great deal to us. We had an awesome time this year at Tare ca Piatra Fest in Piatra Neamt and Creative Fest in Bucharest. Our favorite Romanian band are our own Cred Ca Sunt Extraterestru (I Think I’m An Elien).

terYou have been to Bulgarian before. Do you see similarities between the Bulgarian and the Romanian audience?

We believe that ‘people are still beautiful’ and beautiful people with good values are the same everywhere.

Are you familiar with some Bulgarian musicians? Which ones?

We definitely enjoyed Oratnitza at our last gig in Sofia.

Are you afraid of some kind of music?

Music is nothing to be afraid of.

OK, see you @ Kavatsi Beach Fest.