Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim. It will be a planet of children – the most beautiful dream.


Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim. It will be a planet of children – the most beautiful dream.

I was stuck in a strange cognitive stupor that on the surface appeared as the twitching inability to put together the whole picture that I was looking at. It was supposedly simple. The thing that did not match in the whole composition was the voice. I could see that the child was singing but the voice seemed as if appearing from somewhere else. It could not have come out of the child. This was the impression I was left with the first time I saw her singing on TV. How could this voice fit into this tiny little body of an eight-year-old girl? It was like finding space for a cathedral inside of a lady bug, a voice that brings emperors to their knees.

As for the two lads, Ibrahim and Hasan, I do not know them. Honestly, I saw them for the first time on the clip with Krisia but it is apparent that they are virtuosos even for a person so unrelated to pianos such as myself.

I went through a summary of all the other participants and with some very rare exceptions the songs were all about variations of modern pop music with an infant filter on it. Nothing wrong here, of course. Photos and views of a dreamed summer holiday, selfies with grandpa, positivity, joy, sure! It´s not that Krisia, Ibrahim and Hasan are Bulgarian but they do stand out of the crowd the most. It really doesn´t matter that they did not win Eurovision 2014. The capacity of the three kids goes with horizons and horizons beyond the TV-formatting, the SMS-evaluation and so on. We are talking about massive surge of swell of billow made out of weltering talent that just hits you in the face from the TV screen. And I even do not have the ability to comprehend it in its entirety; I guess that any given musical pedagogue would be in rapture with the three kids.

In their lifetime they will probably go so deep into the realm of Music that I would not be possibly able to rationalize it for three complete lives. Maybe in their lifetime they could reach somewhere so deep into this realm, that the horizons visible from there would be very difficult to be conveyed into words to those who have not seen them and to whom they would be only inconceivable. For three minutes you are overwhelmed with a demonstration of such pure and raw talent, the monumentality of which is completely disproportionate to the bodies of the children it inhabits. And it is as if in certain moments of the song Krisia reminds of Yordanka Hristova and Lily Ivanova altogether in the most beautiful possible way of the comparison.

And this is only the beginning of their way, just imagine how much there is ahead! A lot of questions come along as well, indeed. I read somewhere a comment regarding the fact that Krisia was being surrounded by so much fame, public attention, social life that she barely even had the time to be a kid any longer and that things were really distorted in her development. Unquestionably, she is not a typical child and she is exposed to very heavy and challenging situations for her age. I am not a specialist and I cannot make a statement or have an opinion, but I hope that these kids are supervised and are working with people who really know what psychology is and really know their business so that they can help them go through these tough times and prepare them for the long way they have ahead of them. Because, without a doubt, these kids are exposed to terrific tension and they are faced with choices and situations that are by far not a normal part of a standard course of a childhood.

They will have to learn how to live with the burden of what their own talent brings to them. To stay pure, remain untouched by all filth even remotely resembling Bieber, Cyrus, Krisko and all other types and sorts of MTV-pink plastic packed to pretend to be music. Not to lose themselves throughout the years, not to become blind with pride, fame, fake or real gold; to keep on walking and learning, evolving, maintaining harmonious relationships with their families, close ones, friends, neighbours. To continue to be dignified people and artists who walk towards the unknown horizons of Music. This is not a light burden to carry. With all of my being I wish that these children get along all right in this whole mess, to get out of it somewhat intact and maintain their integrity and devotion to their practice.

Eurovision for adults, on the other hand, ended strangely. There was a lot of indignation, pure souls were bleeding by the dozens, polarisation of the opinions took place, the Serbian patriarch pronounced anathema against Conchita Wurst and accused him/her/it of the catastrophic floods on the Balkans during this summer. I do not know how the colleagues from the Vatican reflected the event, the situation there is a bit more specific. So much poking on and off Facebook and in the confession rooms, some parts of the thumb indicate a dislike while other may feel visibly pleased…but hey, enough with the trash talk. The important thing is that if we have to make a comparison in the messages of the children and the adults, the children definitely win. This is simply lovely because this is exactly the way it is supposed to be, they must and they will surpass us in every single aspect. For three minutes I allow myself to relax and naively follow through what the song has to tell me,

And believe me

that completely on our own

we will transform our world!”,

“It will be a planet of children –

the most beautiful dream..

What else, if not happy, could we be with our kids going out there and getting that message across on an international stage to other children, to everyone, through their evidently, colossal talent that just silences you for three minutes?

What a most appropriate message in times like these, indeed! When you allow people like you to be killed over a drawing?!? A time so consumed in its own regrets, hatred, bile, unsustainability and madness; a time when we can start throwing looks for our salvation across the vastness of Laniakea but have people who want to restore images of glory pertaining to the 12th century? Ecstasy of dark origins claiming the innocence, genitalia, lives and dreams of countless victims; a manifest of Ignorance and Hatred to the well-being of the other innately considered to be an enemy of the God who will never give you anything. Not before and certainly not after death. Could there be a more appropriate message that these kids can try to get along?

What are they singing about?

Are our children not trying to tell us something? Have they not chosen the voice of Krisia to convey their demanding? That they want their world, not ours?

KrisiaCan you not see at the heights of Krisia’s voice, the Europe they are seeing? An improbable, historically impossible Europe? Europe, united from Nuorgam, Finland (70° 5’ 30” N) to the North, to Cape Gata, Limassol, Cyprus (34° 34’ N) to the South; from Monchique Islet, Azores Islands, Portugal (31°16′30″W) to the West , to Cape Greco, Ayia Napa, Cyprus (34° 5’ E) to the East. Europe united by its people, not by politicians? United by its primary ideas, ideals and strivings yearned on and on throughout the millennia? Europe driven by knowledge, science, beauty, art, humanism and compassion, understanding, collaboration, celebration of culture and its diversity; driven to provide a brighter, more reasonable and more beautiful future for its own children. Can we not substitute Europe for “It will be the most beautiful dream”? Can we really not strive for that? Are we going to be the first dwarfs to fall off the vast shoulders of the giants we have stepped on? Are we going to be the first to fall willingly in the arms of Hatred and Ignorance? Can we be honestly listening to this song performed by her, knowing what the lyrics mean, and just walk away once again? As Churchill brilliantly puts it (observing the patriarchal tone of the epoch) “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” Men, are we really going to carry on as if nothing happened?

 Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim – Planet Of The Children
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