Deep into Oliver Heldens’ house


Deep into Oliver Heldens’ house

Some people are never getting old, some machines are never too dated to stop working… We’ve been so curious to understand what’s going on with Oliver Heldens behind and without the pult. At the age of seventeen Oliver already has a signed contract with Tiësto’s label – Records. Now already an adult at the age of 20 Oliver develops at a frantic pace the popularity of the house music he creates. I guess you remember Shades of Grey ft. Delaney Jane; Gecko и Feel Good, don’t you? Just before the EXIT Festival has decided to ask him several questions…

What’s in your festival survival kit?

Oliver Helden: Crazy animal onesies!

Where did you learn the dynamics of music?

I was always interested in music but it wasn’t until one of my high school parties that I was in to dance music. After the party I knew this is what I wanted to do. So I started fooling around on my computer and I started listing to different kinds of dance music to get inspired. That’s how I learned about the different dynamics and started to create my own sound.

Did you play instruments when you were younger?

Yes, I started playing keyboard when I was pretty young. I didn’t like it that much, because you had to practice so much. But now I’m glad I did because it’s a good basis for when I’m producing new tracks.

oliverAt what point in your career have you realized – yep, I’ve made it!

With ‘Gecko’ I had several of those moments, the moment I got signed with Spinnin’ Records and of course the moment it hit the #1 spot in the UK were moment I thought ‘Yes I’ve made it’. And last month when I was up on stage at Coachella I had that feeling again. It’s a really good feeling that motivates me to work even harder!

Which tracks are you really feeling at the moment?

I like the sound of Jack U at the moment. Skrillex and Diplo really make it happen. Also I really like Finally from MR. Belt & Wezol, I play it in my sets a lot! It’s a real crowd pleaser.

What should we expect from your collaboration with Knife Party?

We had a great studio sessions, love making music, in all sorts of genres & styles. We will be finishing the track in the next couple of months so don’t really no yet what to expect. 🙂

Have you heard about Exit Festival before? What can people expect from your performance?

Yes, I heard of the festival before, so it’s really cool that I’m performing there. People can expect a lot of great tracks and an energetic show. I might even play some new stuff, so make sure you’ll be there! 🙂