Idan Raichel for the soundtrack of his life

Idan Raichel for the soundtrack of his life team is so excited because the Israeli musician singer and songwriter Idan Raichel will give the opening concert in the Festival of Tolerance (Tole-Fest) in Sofia 2016 on 17th of September.
Let’s take a close look at Tzvete ( associate) and Idan Raichel conversation…

Tzvete: Do you still feel the songs you wrote 10 years ago close to your personality?

Idan Raichel: Yes, it is a philosophic question… The child is always inside you and I definitely do feel close to my personality each song that I wrote. I still feel the first word that I have learned to speak when I was a baby and I still remember being a teenager… Therefore, all the songs that I wrote, that are actually the soundtrack of my life, are close to me in the same level.

Tzvete: Which are the topics that engage your attention now and inspire you?

idan1Idan Raichel: Definitely my family, my two daughters and my lady. My family inspires me to write songs. Also the awareness of the social changes in the world… The will for more acceptance, for more tolerance… The need for building bridges between cultures and making people come together.

Tzvete: Currently people very often share advice on self motivation and success. What are the things that motivate you to continue dealing with some situation even when you are really getting tired of it?

Idan Raichel: I think the discipline is something that motivates me… Of course, when I am inspired, it is easy – I just go to the studio and record a song… But the discipline is the thing. Even if you are not inspired, just go and do something. Just like the painter that can stare at the empty canvas for hours till something happens. Just do it, you know, as the part of the routine. I recommend people to have discipline –  you know you can practice an instrument, you can read in the studio, if you want to, do everything you like just to be on movement.

Tzvete: Where does the limit of tolerance stand? Meaning, what do you think is misuse of tolerance?

Idan Raichel: I think that the tolerance is an endless ability… It is a different feeling. For me it is unbearable when people are lying to me… I have zero tolerance for lies and dishonesty. But on the other hand, if you can understand why somebody is dishonest with you, maybe this is another level of tolerance. So I think it’s a really philosophical question. I think, as you are growing as a person, you can more easily accept and understand thoroughly the person in front of you.


Tzvete: How do you choose the artist to collaborate with? Do you write and offer to them spontaneously after you hear their music or you look carefully for them for long?

Idan Raichel: Thank you for that question! It is a very good question, because the casting for the project is an endless process that is very inspiring and interesting. I keep listening to musicians that are sending me mp3-s and youtube links. Every song is a different scene and behind it there is a different character that you should cast… I feel that this casting work is always something that I keep learning. I have worked with 150 musicians, the youngest is 16 and the eldest – 83 and 91 years old, and I feel today, with all of my experience with all the artists I have collaborated with, there is still a challenge. A new challenge behind each musician, it is like a journey – you start looking for the right singer and you don’t know where the path ends. You just don’t know. Sometimes you just need to decide whether you have arrived.


Tzvete: Tell us some new Israeli artists that you think are worth following

Idan Raichel: I recommend to follow our writer David Grossman… Google about the Israeli movie industry, follow the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, amazing classical musicians. If you want to learn about Israeli folk music, follow the late Naomi Shemer. She is a true inspiration for me.

Thank you for the interview! See you soon in Sofia!

photos by: Elad Weissman, Click Event, Eldad Rafaeli, Benjo Arwas