Dominic Miller: What effect does music have on your body?

Dominic Miller: What effect does music have on your body?

This is the question Dominic Miller wants to ask you – the fans. Revealing some secret toughs about ugly dogs, chess and Cleopatra, the great Argentinian-born guitarist keep us restless before his concert in Sofia Live Club on the 12th of May.

Svanio: Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music – You’ve said that you rarely conduct interviews, so I am so glad to have you! I have some personal questions, but let’s start with the trivial ones. Tell me, please, more about your latest album “Silent Light”. Do you feel comfortable in silence?

Dominic Miller: Yes, I believe silence is as revealing as sound. Not just in music but in every scenario I can think of. What you don’t say often says more than what you do. This album kind of tries to celebrate this fact.

Let’s be quiet for a moment. OK, more than enough! I am excited to hear the album live on the 12fth of May in one of my favorite clubs – Sofia Live Club! You have been to Bulgaria already; do you remember your last concert here?

DM: I am really excited to return to Sofia Live Club. It will be my third time. I love this place and the vibe there. Plus the sound and lights are amazing with a first class technical crew.

As you mentioned in an interview: my solo work is sort of like a protest against the norm of life. Which, nowadays, are the subnormal norms of life?

DM: Fake news, real news, be it public or the news everyone shares on social media. I try to make music that makes you want to forget all this and just be in the moment. It’s not easy, especially when I see people on Facebook while I’m performing. I can always tell because they’re faces are blue and very visible. Anyway if they feel the need to be online then I might not be doing my job well enough.

What about the norms in the fairy tales? Name your favorite, please.

DM: I am not into fairy tales. Fantasy yes but I find fairy tales a bit spooky. Organised religion has the same effect on me because I find it hard to relate. Spirituality is a whole other thing which I totally identify with.

OK, just another fairy question – according to you, which is the most beautiful famous woman of all time and is there a tune that can represent her?

DM: Great question! I think Cleopatra. “I Burn for You” by Sting might work.

If you could add a 25th hour to your life, a personal hour (sort of the “25th frame”), just for you, what would you use it for?

DM: An extra hour sleep. I don’t get enough. Or another game of chess.

What animal would best describe your music?

DM: Probably an ugly dog. I don’t know why but I particularly like ugly dogs. They charm me in a way I would like my music to charm others. There’s loyalty, simplicity, humour, and being slightly dirty and clumsy. All the things I like in music.

What’s your advice on Learning other people’s songs vs. Writing your own?

DM: I don’t think you can write good music until you learn and deconstruct how others have done it. You can’t be an author without reading. The music I write is a direct result of everything I’ve ever heard.

What would you like to ask your fans?

DM: I love your questions! I would like to ask them, “How does music make you feel and/or what effect does music have on your body?”

Endings or new beginnings, what’s your choice?

DM: Gosh! Though one. It’s easy to say new beginnings but there’s something beautiful and finite about endings and death, so I might go with endings.

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