Guca 2013

Guča 2013 – Guča 2015. Trumpets, roads, beers, pork chops and cheap shots.

Zornitza and Balkan had been wandering around Monte Negro and Croatia for the last couple of days. Zvezditza, Zornitza´s little sister, had come back from a distant Saxon land where she manifested the height of her talent, labor and integrity in the sphere of cosmic technology. Yep, that´s right. The wagons that are going to […]


Fanfare Ciocarlia: Gypsy songs from all over the Balkans are the fuel for our instrument

An: Hello from – the independent Bulgarian media for music. We love your music and we are looking forwards to see you in Bulgaria during the winter Brazz Fest! Please, introduce yourself and tell me something more about each of the orchestra members… Oprica Ivancea: Hello from Romania – my name is Oprica Ivancea, […]