Skiller ft. Balkan Khans or Beatboxing at a gypsy wedding.


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Balkan Khans in a crafty combination with Skiller blew off Yeni Raki Roma Tent during SZIGET 2013.

Identity is not explained, it is manifested, or, more often than not, it stands out among the other identities. The cataclysm in Yeni Raki Roma Tent during SZIGET 2013 proved to have been foreseen. The cooperation between Balkan Khans and Skiller provoked an undreamed reaction among the foreign audience as well as within the small but mighty core of Bulgarian fans at the festival. Undreamed, because it deafened everything else that had ever happened before in the gypsy camp.

So, here´s what happened:

The tent that served to accommodate the international gypsy crew was slowly and steadily getting less and less spacious and more and more crammed with the specific “Tumba-lumba” rhythms gently flowing into an exquisite form of beatboxing. The experiment of Balkan Khans (members: the kind, frisky and infamous violin player Ventsi Takev; Nikolay – “The piano Khan” and the great drummer Kolyo Ivanov) with Skiller managed to astound and blow the heads off even of the most hardcore festival-head-fans used to listening to all types of insane mixtures from around the world, or from around SZIGET, for that matter.

And so gradually everyone started shaking and jumping to the beatbox rhythm and changed their amplitudes. The greatest height in the jumps was maintained by the berserk-driven frenzy of the Bulgarian fans at the front line of the stage (I still wonder how we didn’t tear the fence down)… and they were rewarded with the eternal song of Marya Neikova – Dvama. The Bulgarian sing-alongs were deafened by all the screaming and shouting at the back of the audience, denying to identify the music style but, nonetheless, insanely in transportation with it.

Two encores. One tireless crowd. One unabating beat. Vibrant drum, sweaty keys, exhausted violin… All that was suddenly and against our will interrupted by the “host” of the gypsy camp (or Yeni Raki Roma Tent), declaring that it was high time the next gipsy wonder came to the stage and manifested itself.

It definitely feels good to be from BG. Sometimes. It’s weird when you hide it on purpose to create a diversion for the adversary. However, sooner or later, your cover shines through to refute your alibi. Then what? You just go along with it and start jumping in ecstasy to the phat beat with the idea to obliterate everything and everyone foreign because it’s visible you’re not one of them. Oh, yeah, and also to pretend that you have never ever been to a gipsy wedding.


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