SMOOVE & TURRELL are moving too fast…

SMOOVE & TURRELL are moving too fast…

 SMOOVE & TURRELL (Scott Watson and John Turrell) are moving fast forward to their first party @ Sozopol, Bash Bar, 1st of August.  We hurry up to ask some questions about their wonderful mess of blues, jazz, funk and soul

zloNEdej: Hi Scott… What kind of spirit or maybe summer mood brings you in Bulgaria? 🙂

SMOOVE: We have played Bulgaria a few times in the past and its always nice to return we love the place but never played in Burgas before.

So you do like open air hot summer parties. Do you plan to cool down the fans during your performance on the 1st of August in Bash Bar with a special blend of your “Northern Funk”?

We play very energetic music but also have a cooler side that we blend together so it appeals to people who want to party hard or stay chilled with a drink or 22!

You have released a new album recently – Broken Toys.What makes it different from your previous albums Antique Soul (2009) and Eccentric Audio (2011)?


Our live band members have played a bigger part in co-writing the last album so it has allot more influences involved and it’s a natural progression from our previous works.

Nowadays, some artists think that it is really senseless to release full length albums because they cannot generate the same income as they used to in the past. What do you think about that?

Fans want to hear a full body of work in all its context which I think is really important. The album format is brilliant and must stay in order to tell a musical story.

You have just come back from several gigs in France. How is going your European tour by now?

It was such an amazing experience we did allot of live shows with our band in Italy Belgium and France. some of the shows were intimate small shows and others were huge festivals. The 2 week tour was tiring but allot of fun at the same time.

Think of a short verse for… 🙂

Slow down you’re moving too fast! 🙂