Nu Ance in the Daylight

Nu Ance

Nu Ance in the Daylight

Say “Hello” to Nu Ance – the new musical “fragrance” from Bulgaria. 🙂

anna: So tell me how each and everyone of you decided to become a professional musician?

Teodor Ivanov (bass) – From a very early age music is an enormous part of my life.Around three years ago I went to a live Stevie Wonder tribute.My bass guitar tutor invited me to come and see what a real live performance looks like.From that point on,after this gig,I realized that music is not simply a hobby for me.It’s something more.

Denislav Popov (guitars and keyboards) – Although my parents aren’t musicians,from very little I was molested (lol),with good music.Music has always been an inseparable part of my life,whether I’m playing it or not.When I was 6 my parents paid for me to go to private guitars lessons but I stopped at the age of 8.In High school however a friend of mine reignited my affection towards playing music and overall musicianship.

Boris Malewanov (drums) – Music has always followed throughout my whole life.I found my love for drums and music at a very early age.At the beginning I started playing on different objects.First it was pillows,after that cooking pots and finally my mother decided to enroll me in a school for percussive instruments where I spent 13 years under the guidance of my teacher and mentor- Ani Giteva. For a little while I stopped with the private lessons and I studied solo drums on my own and soon after that I started playing with bands.I met Deni while we were working on another project that soon led to the creation of Nu Ance.It was then that I realized that my life and my music are the same thing and also that this is the thing that I want and have to do.
Boris Ivanakiev (vocals) – I sing from the age of nine, but I wasn’t going to lessons at the time. I started taking private lessons when I was in grade 9, which strongly influenced my decision to become a professional musician and study music at a higher academic level.

How would you describe your music style?

Teodor Ivanov – Groovy (laughs)

Give an example for a Bulgarian band that plays the same style. How do you think they made it?

Denislav Popov: Ostrava is a very successful Bulgarian band. As for how they made it – a lot of work, a lot of playing, a lot of everything.

Boris Malewanov – For a while now I have been paying a lot of attention to what the boys from Jeremy? do and I am quite impressed. They are doing really well ,they played at a few festivals abroad and we think they can become truly great and we certainly hope so.

Nu Ance

Which is the track that you listened to the most during the last week?

Boris Ivankiev – Noel Gallagher – The Ballad Of The Mighty I.
Teodor Ivanov – PB Underground – Part Time lover
Denislav Popov – Muse – The Handler
Boris Malewanov – Karnivool – Deadman
What do you think about when you watch your own music video?

Boris Ivanakiev- I am personally laughing at my make-up face. We shot the video during a really lovely and at the same time extremely hot and sunny day. I was wearing a thick leather jacket and literally boiling hot. On top of that there were two big stage lights pointed at my face. Every time the director shouted the words “stop” our stylist Toni had to come up to me and fix my make-up. Kind regards to Toni and our director Hristo Poriazov.

Teodor Ivanov- Daylight is our first music video. We tried to present the audience with an image of the band. This is our new beginning, we are embarking on a long awaited journey. With this project we were trying to open a new page in our lives and also discover a whole new creative pathway in our music. “Daylight” recreates feelings of hope, emotional enlightenment, the erasing of past problems from our memory.

In which International and Bulgarian based festivals you would like to participate in?

Boris Malevanov – In Bulgaria ,we would really like to take part in Spirit Of Burgas as the Line-up really matches our style in terms of stylistically sounding .To this moment, however, we have not been invited. As for the festivals abroad we are not really sure. We would like to get the opportunity to play everywhere. We really enjoy the festival scene and we would really enjoy playing in England at various festivals. We believe that the whole England music scene as a whole is extremely adequate and hungry for alternative rock bands like ours. That is why we also hold the opinion that our music would be more listenable and will reach out to more people in countries like England for example

Have you ever thought about collaborations .Including female vocals?

Denislav Popov – I am currently working on a composition that is completely experimental. Not only we want to include female vocals but also we would like them to be folk oriented. I have in mind Bulgarian folk non-measured songs from the rodopianand tracian regions of Bulgaria. We definitely have a lot of work ahead of us but our minds are strongly set on doing this!

Are you planning of releasing another music video after “Daylight”?

Boris Ivanakiev – We are still considering this. Our songs are usually stories on their own, revealing different human conditions. We have thought about how every single one of our tunes would look like, dressed in a music video and I believe we have came up with really interesting ideas (laughs)like for example making a Lyric video. We overdid ourselves with “Daylight” but the future is unknown to us as well but be sure you will hear more about us really soon

Think of a short verse for

Boris Ivanakiev:

A part of me just won’t fit,
in your tunnel dimly lit
I pull myself closer to the rail

Mouth wide open to inhale