MaxLanders & Mochélan – the first and best méditerranocarolo emo-hip hop duo


MaxLanders & Mochélan – the first and best méditerranocarolo emo-hip hop duo

Have you watched Captain Tsubasa? Have you listened to HALs? Are you familiar with the “emo-hip hop”? Are you curious about it? Go on and meet MaxLanders – musician, player, entertainer. 🙂

So who is Max and who is Landers?

MaxLanders: Ten years ago I helped a friend to make his album providing him my instruments and recorders. For the cover, he credited me and other supporters with character names from the french version of the manga Captain Tsubasa. He chose Mark Landers for me. Fortunately this character was also my favorite one so I decided to keep it but added part of my real name… MaxLanders was born… 😉

Nice to meet you!:) Tell me, please, more about your projects. I really like your collaboration with the Belgian MC Mochélan – HALs…

Glad to hear that! Since we met at the cinema school in Belgium, we’ve been making hip hop in a, let’s say, experimental way 🙂 . We like to call it emo-hip hop, referring to the emocore I was listening to when I was a teenager and was inspiring me since. We spent 3 years experimenting this revolutionary new hip hop style (LOL) instead of studying cinema. Finally, I went back to Marseille (with my diploma nevertheless) but we continued collaborating together.

We decided to become HALs as a tribute to our fictional favorite character from Malcolm in the Middle and recorded our first album Antithèse in 2011. That’s how the first and best méditerranocarolo emo-hip hop duo ever, started. 🙂

By the way stay tuned, our new album is coming very soon! Check out our new track – Le Verbe de Table. The bass on this track is performed by a great Bulgarian jazz bassist who’s making many gigs in Bulgaria and is working on an awesome tribute to Weather Report – Georgi Stankov.

maxAs for my personal projects, they’re many and various but have only been broadcasted on local radios in Marseille. I recently decided to publish them one by one – I’m starting with a 90s video games music project from 2001, a 12” will be available at the end of 2015 as a split album with an artist from Paris, AL°R.

Then will come several instrumental hip hop projects to end up with my very last electro house ones. All of that has to be remastered and it takes time and money, but it’s coming for sure. Also, I’m looking forward to collaborating with Bulgarian artists so if you’ve heard about some who might be interested, just let me know!

As far as I know you are from Belgium but now can we find you in Bulgaria. Why?:) 

Actually my parents are from Belgium, I was born and raised in Marseille, France, and that’s part of the reason I’m living in Bulgaria today! One of my oldest friends who is also from Marseille, set a company in Sofia 5 years ago and asked me to come and work for him. It was 1 year and a half ago. At this time, I was about to leave to Brazil and work as a private guide for frenchies. Of course France and Bulgaria have their differences but the longer I live here the more I find many lifestyle common points with Marseille I appreciate – people are relaxed, stubborn and loud.

🙂 Yeah, the stubborn people all over the world like to be loud:). I am stubborn also so I will continue to ask you about Belgium… Where should I go if I visit the country?

Having studied for 4 years in Brussels, I can give you some tips – Definitely go to Liège. This is, by far, my favorite city. Its downtown includes an apocalyptic bunch of blocks where all bars and clubs are gathered. Its worth visiting it if you don’t fear chaos. Antwerpen is also a very nice city, but by respect to my family, I’m obliged to hate Flanders (my family is from the french part of Belgium). 🙂

According to you, Bulgarians are interested in French language musicians? If you were a Bulgarian promoter, which French musicians would you book for a successful gig?

The only French singers who were booked since I arrived are Sylvie Vartan and Lara Fabian so I would say: no. In my opinion, there are many French artists who might drive Bulgarian hip hop lovers crazy. The problem is that these artists are ignored by the Bulgarian promoters. I have in mind Nekfeu (from 1995), Grems + PMPDJ, Casseurs flowters or Mochélan (of course) :). They don’t need to be understood to make the show.

What do you think about the labels nowadays? Which are the most progressive and popular music labels at the moment?

I won’t say I’m a specialist on the topic but it’s been a while I’m focussed on the same labels who promote some of the most alternative artists I prefer. I’m thinking of Brainfeeder, Thrill Jockey, Ninja Tune, Warp or Hydra Head, they’re part of the labels who can provide their artists with great communication, distribution and general visibility. But to be signed by an independent label is tough, it seems to be as tough as being signed as a pop singer by major labels. I don’t really believe in labels anymore, no matter what their target is. I’m defnitely more into Bandcamp (to mention only one) and artists who self-produce their music. For me that kind of platforms is tomorrow’s label, but I may miss some elements as I’m not signed by a label… 🙂

Which concerts/festivals are you planning to visit this summer?

I didn’t plan much this year, I’ll improvise. I hope to attend Bansko Beat, also 2 hardcore bands in August – Trial and By the Grace of God. For the rest we’ll see when it comes…

OK, let’s see… Have you ever thought about being a DJ in a Bulgarian club? Which one?

Most of the bands I’m interested in play at Mixtape 5 or Studio 5, but their music is very different from mine, so it wouldn’t match my style. Regarding hip hop I think Four Rooms could be a great option, but with no doubt the best place in Sofia for me to perform will be in my own bar! 🙂 That’s my secret plan for the coming year and I hope to welcome many artists who just like me are not sure where to perform their odd songs. 😉