Puka vs. Puko from Coco Agency. Action.

Puka & Puko

We love Puko (Dano Lite, see the picture above, the guy with the blue hat in the middle) and Puka (see the picture below) before they have started with the „I love the 90’s“ concerts when they were promoting various events.

Anna: Hello Puka&Puko. Your events are so fresh, so clean and so colorful. What inspires you to create such interesting events here in Bulgaria?

PukaPuko: My scope is to offer entertainment events to the people in Bulgaria where everybody can participate and be part of the event that we are doing. The inspiration is coming from all the trips that I have done around the world and meeting people and sharing our experience.

Puka: My inspiration is the chance to bring some idea from the start to the reality.

Anna: Tell me me more about the first event you’ve organized. Was it scary, was it painful? How did you feel when it was done?

Puko: It was not scary but in this time I was just 16 years old so I didn’t realize so much in this time what is an event…Time passed and I get more experience on marketing, security, financial stuff… Now, I feel really nice and when everything is done I feel alone.

Puka: My first event was for Teren with N.O.H.A, we had no doubts that everything will go well… There were so many emotions and expectations for something new and big…That is why, most probably, it turned out so great. The scary things came after…:)

Anna: OK, I won’t ask more. You have promoted many events here and abroad. Do you think that the Bulgarian audience is different from the audience in Europe? Is it more difficult to organize such events here in Bulgaria in comparison with the events you’ve organized in other countries?

Puko: I don’t think that the audience is different. Compare to countries like Belgium, France, UK, etc. the people don’t have much knowledge about underground music and they know only commercial big names. In a way this is really sad because there are so many great music project on this planet and so much different style of music that in Bulgaria are not know or not developed. I am sure that with time Bulgaria will evolute and people will be more interested in underground sound and artist that have more value.Puko

Anna: Could you recommend an upcoming big summer festival?

Puko: My two favourite festivals are: Sziget Budapest and Boom Festival Portugal. For me they are one of the best festivals that I have visit in my life.

Puka: I prefer smaller festivals where you can actually see what is going on on the stage and you are not just a piece of the crowd that see small dots on the stage. Sheep festivals are my favourite, by the way! But in Bulgaria it was in May, so go next year!

Anna: What’s your favorite color and what kind of music do you listen when you are alone?

Puko: My favourite colour is pink or blue. When I am alone I listen to Hard Style & Trance & Soft Electronic Music

Puka :Recently I like a lot of new folk rock artists. What makes me feel in piece is rock music, also the aggressive music calms me down. Favourite colour: green

Anna: What makes you laugh?

Puko: Pucka her dark and boring jokes 😉

Puka: My boring jokes are boring only to dark people. I like stupid jokes like this one.

Thank you!

Puko i Puka