Jaya The Cat… and everything’s alright

Jaya the cat interviewDJambore.com has asked some questions Jay The Cat days before their concert at Terminal 1 on the 3th of april… Let’s see if Geoff Lagadec, Dino Memic, Jan Jaap „Jay“ Onverwagt, Johan „Leon“ van ‘t Zand  and David „The Germ“ Germain still have unconditional love for Bulgaria.

An: Hello from DJambore.com – the independent Bulgarian media for music. It is great to have you once again here in Sofia. Tell us more about your last visits… Any “painful memories”?

Geoff: Dude, I love Bulgaria. No painful memories at all.

An: We have published an article about your last performance in Mixtape 5 titled The beard doesn’t bother me! Is there anything that bothers you during your concerts?

Geoff: Only technical stuff. Like if the sound system sucks or I break too many strings. Things that get you off your flow. For the rest it’s lovely.

An: You have released four studio albums, one independent release and one live album… What’s next?

Jaya the Cat Terminal 1Geoff: More beers. More albums. More hangover plane trips. More beaches. More confusion. More friends. Yeah, you know. I’m super lucky to get to create art with fucking awesome people. So keeping that up seems like a good idea.

An: Jaya the Cat never stop moving and this is your “Unconditional Love”J. Except for the music and touring for what else do you have unconditional love?

Geoff: My cat and anyone else that’s nice to me.

An: What was the best live concert (except yours:) you have ever attended? Can you recommend us some interesting upcoming musical events?

Geoff: The first time  saw the Bad Brains. The first time I saw the Flaming Lips. The first time I saw Manu Chao. Go see The Skints when they come to bg. They rule.

An: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “jamboree”?

Geoff: This old calypso song. Zombie jamboree…

An: What is the right formula for getting so many different kind of people to come to your concerts?

Geoff: Not to sound lame here, but just be a good fucking band. And don’t run with one image, be yourself. Life is way too short to listen to one kind of music, live by one image. Listen to the beer. It’s telling you get out there and have the best fucking time ever. It’s right. Love to Bulgaria!