Still Corners: It’s pretty crowded with the two of use

Still Corners: It’s pretty crowded with the two of use

The British dream pop/synthpop band Still Corners comes to the Bulgarian stage for the first time! The music duo formed in London in 2007 by vocalist Tessa Murray and producer/multi-instrumentalist Greg Hughes. Thanks to the band’s upcoming debut on the Bulgarian scene this November, dream-pop and synthpop fans will be able to finally enjoy one of the most exciting acts in the genre.

Zlo: Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music – Please, introduce yourselves and describe the main corners you have marked through your musical journey.

Greg Hughes: Hello!  Thank you for having us. We’re Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray from the band Still Corners. We’ve just released our fourth album, Slow Air on our own label, Wrecking Light Records. We met randomly at a train stop in London in 2009 and put our first singles Don’t Fall in Love/Wish on 7-inch through British psychedelia label the Great Pop Supplement in 2010. After selling all 700 copies in a single day, we ended up signing with Sub Pop who put out our first album, Creatures of an Hour in 2011 and our second album, Strange Pleasures in 2013.

We moved to the English seaside to make our third album, Dead Blue and released it on Wrecking Light Records in 2016. Throughout the years we’ve toured across Europe and North America and are currently in the midst of a massive tour to promote Slow Air, including a stop in Sofia!

You will be for the first time in Bulgaria and, as far as I know, your concert on 19th of November in Sofia Live Club will be the first show from your gig in Europe. Have you heard traditional Bulgarian music? According to you both, how do the Balkans sound?

Yes, it’s our first show on our European tour! We listen to Bulgarian chamber music from Vanya Moneva a lot.  If that’s anything to go by it’s beautiful, rich sounding, and timeless.

Your last album Slow Air was released in August. What story does the album tell?

It was an album inspired the heat, where everyone and everything slows down, hence the name Slow Air.  We wrote it in the hill country in Texas and it has that wide shimmering feel like the Texas hill country seems to have, huge skies, lots of space.

How does the audience react to the new songs live performances by now?

They tell us they like it!

Do you believe in the impression “Two is company, three‘s a crowd”? Do you think you can welcome another musician in your duo?

It’s pretty crowded with the two of use, I don’t think there would be room for another but when we’re on the road we have a drummer and a sound engineer, two people we could not do without.

And if you had to choose someone to replace the other part of the duo, which artist would you pick?

I would replace either of us with David Bowie.

What did you dream about last night?

That I was standing on a sun-drenched pyramid in robes with thousands of naked people screaming and throwing little pickles at me.

According to you both, what is the greatest musical event of the XX century? And – the biggest event of the XXI century?

XX century – Woodstock 1969

XXI century – Still Corners in Sofia 2018