Scott Bradlee: If a song already sounds “vintage,” I don’t change it

Scott Bradlee: If a song already sounds “vintage,” I don’t change it

Scott Bradlee plays his “Postmodern Jukebox“. Just listen to him…

anna: I can see that you love to “translate” popular songs in different musical languages… How would you feel if you compose a song of your own and afterwards you hear the leitmotif in completely different arrangement?  

Scott Bradlee: I think translating melodies into different styles speaks to the endurance of a work. Ever since Mozart did his variations on “Twinkle, Twinkle,” re-arranging popular tunes has been an important part of musical history.

a: Are you tired of listening the same melodies over and over again? Which are the songs that at first you have loved and afterwards you cannot stand anymore?  

SB: I think hearing a song over and over actually makes a listener like it for a little while.  Pop music is based on familiarity.  However, after a lot of repeated listens the song can wear thin. That’s where we come in; we offer a fresh new take on a song, using an old style.

a: And you do it really good. Are you afraid of some kind of music? Can you transform a track that you don’t like so much into a beautiful postmodern song?

SB: So far, no genre is off limits.  Hip-hop, country, electronic… all of those can be transformed PMJ style.  However, if a song already sounds “vintage,” I usually don’t attempt to change it.

PostModern Jukebox2a: Your band Postmodern Jukebox will perform for the first time in Bulgaria… Are you familiar with some Bulgarian musicians? 

SB: I’ve been told that there are some excellent jazz festivals in Bulgaria, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring our talented cast!

a: Is it hard to work with 30 artists? Could you, please, explain what is the thing that keep you together?

SB: In Postmodern Jukebox, everybody gets a chance to shine, and the musicians and vocalists tend to support each other as a result.  We all get inspired by getting to work with talented people, and that makes it a joy. It would be hard to pack 15 people in a tour bus if they didn’t enjoy each other! 🙂

a: What are the main differences between a teenager from New Jersey living in the 30s and the same boy living now?

SB: Spray tans are more popular in New Jersey now. 🙂