LA BELLE FOLIE: The laugh is a medicine for the soul

LA BELLE FOLIE: The laugh is a medicine for the soul

Mini Art Interview with La Belle Folie – for the Mini Art Fest

anna: Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music experience – Who are you and how did all start?

Ariel Munoz Toledo (La Belle Folie): We are LA BELLE FOLIE a company of clowns from Chile/France. We started in our quarter (Santiago of Chile) doing spectacles in the street.

Are you for the first time in Bulgaria?  What is your role during the Mini Art Fest? 🙂

Yes, is the first time in Bulgaria, we are performers, clowns in the street and stage.

I really like your name – La Belle Folie. Which is the craziest thing that you have done?

Our madnesses happen in our show, must wait to see them in the festival.

What is the most important thing to know when you are starting to learn how to play a music instrument?

There is no secret important  is to train, works the instrument that you touch.

Are we human or are we dancer?

We are human, is the first thing, we are human.

What is your biggest sin?

Eating chocolate.

What comes first – the music or the performance?

Both. together.

What helps you to trick the audiences?

The laugh is a medicine for the soul.

Tell me, please, what kind of music sounds magical to you?

Klezmer, traditional Eastern European Jewish music.

See you with eyes wide open @ Маймунарника, 06/18