JONATHAN BREE: You can interpret your own emotions from the masks

JONATHAN BREE: You can interpret your own emotions from the masks

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Coming soon at Sofia Live Club. Coming NOW in your

anna: Hello from the independent Bulgarian media for music – I’m so glad to have you for an interview! As far as I know, the concert in Sofia Live Club on the 8th of May will be your first performance in Bulgaria… What would you ask your Bulgarian fans?

No members of the family have been to Bulgaria before, so we are all very excited about heading there. I don’t really know what I would ask – but one of our dancers is a fan of Bulgarian folk dance, so it will be nice for her to visit.

Hoping it will be nice for all of you. 🙂 How is your ‘Sleepwalking’ tour going so far? What was the craziest dream you’ve had on the tour by now?

It’s going well, we feel very privileged to be able to travel to lots of different places. Craziest dream… maybe it’s too crazy to publish…

You’ve begun your musical career in the late 90’s with the Brunettes. What did happen to the band since 2009? Are you planning to record new stuff?

After 2009, The Brunettes went their separate ways. I’m currently working on my fourth solo album, which will be the follow up to Sleepwalking.

Do you feel more confident in yourself wearing a spandex mask? Do masks hide or show feelings and emotional states?

Interestingly, sometimes I find performing in the mask more natural, more comfortable and more honest than if I were to walk on stage without it. I like that in terms of feelings/ emotions, the audience can interpret their own emotions from the masks.

And how can they hide from your lyrics? I love them. For example, Boombox Serenade:

Dear, come to your window

And let me serenade you

I brought my boombox

Because this could be

The last night of both our miserable lives

Don’t you want this?


As my name is Ani, I am so curious to know what lies behind the lyrics. What’s the song’s story?

Crystal Choi, who leant her vocals to the song is Korean – and sorry to disappoint but in Korean, Ani means no. It was nice to give a Korean reference to the song.

Not disappointed at all. 🙂 Nowadays, what makes a girl cool? The yoga routine, the perfect body, the unstoppable change or something else?

Thinking for yourself and having a healthy sense of empathy.

Which are the most inspiring New Zealand artists of all time?

My cousin Mark Lyons was for me the most inspiring artist when I was first getting started as a young musician/ songwriter. He was involved in a number of musical projects throughout the 90’s and in the 2000’s he fronted a group called the Nudie Suits. They released 2 very unique albums on Lil Chief Records.

Nice. Thank you. See your mask on the 8th of May at Sofia Live Club.