Hashfinger. #Beats #Cuts #Bass

Hashfinger. #Beats #Cuts #Bass

Get ready for Fah! rtm+beer 2016 and for the hip hop producer Hashfinger!

anna: Hi, Hashfinger! Can’t wait to hear your crazy vibes during the Rtm+Beer Fest 2016 in Maimunarnika! Let’s start with some silly questions for DJambore.com. As a performer, can you twist everyone around your finger?

Hashfinger: O-o-o, haha, I don’t know about that but I love to interact with the crowd when I play so maybe I will learn to!

Use 3 hashtags to explain your work as a DJ!

Hashfinger: Ermmm… #Beats #Cuts #Bass

anna: Do you like beer? How many beers keep you awake all night long. 🙂 Which is your favourite beer, as a brand and as a type?

Hashfinger: I like beer, it does not take too many beers to knock me out though! I’d have to shout out Hedge Row Brewing Co – a local beer from where I am from.

anna: Which artists drive you crazy (in a positive way, of course)?

Hashfinger: I am gonna shout out Strange U – those guys make me want to break stuff.


anna: I have heard that you also love to play drums. In which bands you would like to be a drummer?

Hashfinger: That is a tough one, there are a million prog and funk and soul bands that have breaks for days. I am gonna say Cymande.

anna: What kind of music do you search for your mixes?

Hashfinger: I am just looking for something that I can have fun with and get people wobbling about to, anything bass heavy or lively to move to. I am not fussed whether its new or old as long as it bangs!

anna: Are you afraid of some kind of music?

Hashfinger: I’m afraid of shoegaze. No idea what it is but that shit scares me!

anna: Thank you and see you soon!