Frankie: THE RUMJACKS are all blessed with a strong Celtic blood mix

the rumjacks

Frankie: THE RUMJACKS are all blessed with a strong Celtic blood mix

Feel the strong Celtic blood mixture of THE RUMJACKS, just a day before their concert in Bulgaria. On the mic – Frankie McLaughlin: Vocals, tin whistle, guitar.

Summoning intoxicated leprechauns from the bottom of ya pint with the blissful sounds of their magical whistles; putting the beast to sleep with a few ounces of whiskey in his belly; The Rumjacks draw a unique musical blend portrait of a Jailbreak’s lifestyle & the ups and downs of a Big Man in the pub culture origins of folk anarchy…

Svanio: How do you think your style has evolved through the last nine years? Moving on from the classic Irish Punk sound to the individual preferences of the band members…

Frankie (The Rumjacks): We always wanted to play with a wide range of musical influences, we are all into so many different styles of music, and so we wanted to reflect that, while still keeping our most obvious roots at the core. We are all blessed with a strong Celtic blood mix, but we also grew up with Rock & Roll, Punk Rock, even Ska Reggae.. I think we will always let our music be influenced by whatever is happening around us.

Do you have a “Moby Dick” that you are chasing – song, album, sound? If yes, is it the same as was back in 2008?

For me personally, I have always dreamed of writing a song that slips into history as a traditional song, and nobody even remembers who wrote it. If that ever happens, I obviously won’t be around to see it, but I am sure my soul will be happy, or whatever creature I return as in another life, be it a Lion or a garden grub, will perhaps hear it played someday over a nearby radio.

Frankie, would you perform any stunts on stage, if you play a show in Japan?

Only if I could be joined onstage by Tokyo Shock Boys, are they still doing stuff? I’d do ANY crazy stunt with those guys. 🙂

Writing about personal experience vs writing “socially” oriented songs? Punk vs Classic Folk songs influence in your song writing?

Just about everything I write comes from personal experience, though sometimes I choose to re-imagine the story in some mythical or fantastic way, other times simply in a stark & poetic way, but always leaving room for the listener to easily relate to, and compare with their own personal life.

Club gigs vs Festival shows? Which do you prefer, and which one would you say that “helped” you develop as a band & inspire you to play?

The big festivals are great fun, of course, but surely the wild little club shows are still our favourite, and definitely most important for a bands development… It’s there that you really learn to perform with whatever you’ve got, without that, we’d be lacking something out there on the big stage.

What’s your dream gig to play? Any particular venue, stadium, festival?

Wrong Fest in Sofia, of course!!!.. You guys are gonna take this shit to the next level.. I can feel it!!

How important is the friendship in the band? Do you spend most of your free time together?

We all hate each other bitterly… That’s not the truth, we are all friends, brothers even, we’ve been through a lot together.. but we spend so much time touring together that the last thing we wanna do is go hang together in our spare time.. Haha!

Frankie, you know that Shania Twain divorced Robert John “Mutt” Lange back in 2010, right? Don’t think she will be able to help you to work with him? Or is it just a personal fetish, revenge on a childhood trauma? Which Rumjacks tune would you like to see her performing?

Shania Twain is Queen of all the universe, with a blazing crown of stars and eyes that can shoot laser beams directly through the heart of any man, woman or child she chooses to. C’mon?!!.. everybody knows this, right? It’s one of the first things they teach you in school. That woman could turn a cheese sandwich into a piece of divine art, and I’m glad she’s moved on from old ‘Mutt’ Lange and rejoiced her quest for enlightenment & happiness.

Will there be a DVD of the current European 2017 tour?

Hope so, we are filming a lot of stuff on the road, though I am not sure if it is the kind of stuff people will want to see on a DVD.

Your worst memory from a show?

Johnny fell through a stage one night when we were playing with Steve Ignorant, I took that pretty hard. And also one night I had a really bazaar kebab before a show with Gogol Bordello, and it re-appeared onstage during our set, though I managed to keep it well hidden from most of the crowd.

Your thoughts on the punk scene right now, and what’s your advice to the kids who are forming punk bands?

Just do whatever you wanna do, be an amazing person and take good care of yourself and your friends. Punk isn’t s much a ‘scene’ anymore, scenes are divisive and closed to the world, Punk is just an authentic and individual approach to life, and you can apply into ANY area of your life, to ANY profession or lifestyle choice, not just art or music, but above all,.. BE A F%×*ING ASESOME PERSON… job done!

Favourite cocktail? Whiskey – with or without ice?

Only ever single malt whisky with a drop of pure fresh stream water, though an ice cube isn’t too bad either.

Name the worst song of all time.

Drops of Jupiter’, I can’t remember who did that, but I’m sure to this day that I’m the ONLY human on earth that knows that a rip off of that old rock song ‘Drift Away.. I can’t remember who did that either, so maybe I should shut my mouth.

Favourite hangover cure?

Iron Bru,.. It’s a soft drink made in Scotland, and a square sausage on a roll (also Scottish)… It’s brilliant, and never fails.