DJ Gypsy Box: People’s Energy Feeds Me As Much As All My Vodka Shots

dj gypsy box

DJ Gypsy Box: People’s Energy Feeds Me As Much As All My Vodka Shots

DJ Gypsy Box on the mic to tell us more about dancing and having fun just before his upcoming performance at club Maze on the 22th of October.

gypsy-boxzloNedej: I loved your performance during Zenith Festival… And as a team member wrote “As you are drunk enough, hardly something can be such a pleasure as the Balkan beat sets of DJ Gypsy Box from Mexico.” What does intoxicate you while DJing?

DJ Gypsy Box: When people are dancing and having fun, their energy feeds me as much as all my vodka shots.

Ha-ha-ha. Except for the dancing crowd, what does engage your attention and inspire you?

DJ Gypsy Box: I get a lot of my inspiration from folk music around the world, but in the end I like music that feels honest, from the heart, the most.

Give us some examples of how to think outside of the gypsy box?

DJ Gypsy Box: I don’t really have to. I don’t have a box, I have a hat.

What is your favorite place on Earth to be?

gypsybox1DJ Gypsy Box: It all depends, but now I haven’t seen my family in a while, so where I would love to be the most is at home with my family, and my moms’ chilaquiles (corn tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried are the basis of the dish).

Do you know the Bulgarian Kosta Kostov and his Balkan Express. He is a part of our team and he also experiments with Balkan beats in Cologne mostly… Do you know some other Balkan born artists who are spreading Balkan rhythms all around the world?

DJ Gypsy Box: I like the music by Kottarashky, there are probably many more that I have heard of, but he is the first that comes to mind…

Favourite Mexican musician?

DJ Gypsy Box: Chavela Vargas.

Thank you and see you soon!