Спечели двойна покана за спектакъла ЖИВОТНО на ONE DANCE WEEK 2015

ONE DANCE WEEK 2015 ще се изтанцува в Пловдив между 17 октомври и 1 ноември. ти предлага да изплакнеш очи по време на откриващия за фестивала спектакъл ЖИВОТНО като си спечелиш една от двете двойни покани, които даряваме на късметлии ценители на танца и животинското в човешкото (и обратно). Как мога да спечеля? Харесай […]


Deep into Oliver Heldens’ house

Some people are never getting old, some machines are never too dated to stop working… We’ve been so curious to understand what’s going on with Oliver Heldens behind and without the pult. At the age of seventeen Oliver already has a signed contract with Tiësto’s label – Records. Now already an adult at the age […]

Guca 2013

Guča 2013 – Guča 2015. Trumpets, roads, beers, pork chops and cheap shots.

Zornitza and Balkan had been wandering around Monte Negro and Croatia for the last couple of days. Zvezditza, Zornitza´s little sister, had come back from a distant Saxon land where she manifested the height of her talent, labor and integrity in the sphere of cosmic technology. Yep, that´s right. The wagons that are going to […]