Eyes Up for József Trefeli & Mike Winter

“UP is an enigmatic state inspiring immediate enthusiasm. In this new choreography six amazing men dance a dynamic lifting vocabulary with raw energy to exhilarating result. “ József Trefeli & Mike Winter’s play UP is a part of ONE DANCE WEEK program. Interested in what they are UP to, we have exchanged a few words […]

Hashfinger. #Beats #Cuts #Bass

Get ready for Fah! rtm+beer 2016 and for the hip hop producer Hashfinger! anna: Hi, Hashfinger! Can’t wait to hear your crazy vibes during the Rtm+Beer Fest 2016 in Maimunarnika! Let’s start with some silly questions for As a performer, can you twist everyone around your finger? Hashfinger: O-o-o, haha, I don’t know about that […]

Subcarpati. The Beautiful People.

 Subcarpati interview just before their performance @ Kavatsi Beach Fest! anna: Hi, Subcarpati! I am so excited and I am looking forward to see your performance during “Kavatsi Beach Festival 2016″! May each of you introduce himself and the band in one word? Subcarpati: Hi, we are Bean MC – vocal and producer, Vali Umbra – vocal, Afo – vocal, Power Pe Vinyl […]

Scott Bradlee: If a song already sounds “vintage,” I don’t change it

Scott Bradlee plays his “Postmodern Jukebox“. Just listen to him… anna: I can see that you love to “translate” popular songs in different musical languages… How would you feel if you compose a song of your own and afterwards you hear the leitmotif in completely different arrangement?   Scott Bradlee: I think translating melodies into different […]

Hidden Orchestra Transformations

Interview with Joe Acheson Hidden Orchestra… anna:Hello from – the independent Bulgarian media for music. I love your music and I am looking forward to see you in Bulgaria on 21th of November! I’ve been expected you since April 2014 when you were supposed to perform with Tricky here in Sofia but there was a […]


[dunkelbunt]: The harmonious whole can only exist with disharmonies…

Take a look around at Beglika Fest 2015’s program and be free to listen and read some words from Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt]. anna: Hello from – the independent Bulgarian media for music. I love your music and I am looking forwards to see you in Bulgaria during Beglika Fest 2015! Describe your music in […]

Nu Ance

Nu Ance in the Daylight

Say “Hello” to Nu Ance – the new musical “fragrance” from Bulgaria. 🙂 anna: So tell me how each and everyone of you decided to become a professional musician? Teodor Ivanov (bass) – From a very early age music is an enormous part of my life.Around three years ago I went to a live Stevie […]


MaxLanders & Mochélan – the first and best méditerranocarolo emo-hip hop duo

Have you watched Captain Tsubasa? Have you listened to HALs? Are you familiar with the “emo-hip hop”? Are you curious about it? Go on and meet MaxLanders – musician, player, entertainer. 🙂 So who is Max and who is Landers? MaxLanders: Ten years ago I helped a friend to make his album providing him my instruments […]