All EXIT ticket holders get two more beach festivals as a holiday gift

EXIT, one of the world’s leading festivals, apart from its stellar lineup spread over 20 stages and 20 more zones at the stunning Petrovaradin Fortress, is also known for the great value for money. Along with its affordable tickets, EXIT now grants all of its ticket holders a very sunny gift for the upcoming holidays, […]

Boris Brejcha: I am listening to Pop and Rock, but never to Techno

Reveal the man behind the mask – Boris Brejcha, the High-Tech Minimal founder. Waiting to hear his special vibes at EXIT 2018 on the 14th of July at Dance Arena? Before that, travel with Boris throughout the musical world. Anastas: Greetings Boris, from the independ Bulgarian media for music – DJambore.com. I’m glad to have the chance to contact […]


The Ultimate New Year BangOn New Year’s Eve we had the honour to visit the most spectacular and attractive party at Kopitoto SkyLoft – Kopitoto Ultimate NYE, kindly organized by ФАЗА, HMSU, Royal Mansion, DifferenD and Bangaz Nights. The event lasted over 12 hours and took place on 4 stages, featuring over 30 artists, according [...]

Deep into Oliver Heldens’ house

Some people are never getting old, some machines are never too dated to stop working… We’ve been so curious to understand what’s going on with Oliver Heldens behind and without the pult. At the age of seventeen Oliver already has a signed contract with Tiësto’s label – Records. Now already an adult at the age […]


DUB FX: I will always love to play in the street

Hello, I have been to your concerts in Bulgaria, but for the last time I saw you during EXIT 2014. How was it? DUB FX: It was an incredible feeling and I am always excited to smash it on stage in front of so many people! But playing a show in front of 70 000 […]

Guca 2013

Guča 2013 – Guča 2015. Trumpets, roads, beers, pork chops and cheap shots.

Zornitza and Balkan had been wandering around Monte Negro and Croatia for the last couple of days. Zvezditza, Zornitza´s little sister, had come back from a distant Saxon land where she manifested the height of her talent, labor and integrity in the sphere of cosmic technology. Yep, that´s right. The wagons that are going to […]