DUB FX: I will always love to play in the street

DUB FXHello, I have been to your concerts in Bulgaria, but for the last time I saw you during EXIT 2014. How was it?

DUB FX: It was an incredible feeling and I am always excited to smash it on stage in front of so many people! But playing a show in front of 70 000 people at a festival or playing to 200 people in the street is almost the same for me… I make music because i love it, not because i want the attention…

Tell us a little bit more about EXIT 2014…

I played some music from my new album that has a lot more instruments on there rather then just vocal samples. If you like, hip hop, reggae, dub step, drum and bass and soul, then you probably were amongst those wonderful dancing people in front of me! 🙂


What drives you – what is the unique thing that makes you keep on developing and doing what you do?

It is what I do… I don’t think about it too much… This is the life I live, for some reason people like my music and some people even get inspired by it… Everything else is a bonus!

In an interview 2-3 years ago you said you would never send out a press release to all radio stations. Do you still avoid all the things that make up a lifestyle of a star?

Interesting question… Well I still haven’t sent a press release to one radio station but considering that less then half of my fans know about my new album (because Facebook has destroyed my ability to communicate with my fans) then now I’m thinking of sending radio edits and press releases to radio stations just to get my music and messages heard… Before Facebook changed how many people can see your posts, then it was fine not using the old conventional media… But now this has made us all take a few steps back and have to use the old ways to be heard! Hopefully a new social network kicks off and we can all move to that!

How a festival is different from a concert for you? Which one do you prefer?

Actually I prefer to play in the street! But festivals are awesome! Clubs are also good… As long as I can switch it up and do them all ill never get bored!

Great! Hope to see you in Bulgaria again.

Dub FX – Live at EXIT Festival 2014 (full concert)  
[media link=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6qDYd2G8RY&feature=youtu.be]