Hotspot Vol.1 with Sander Van Doorn


Niki: It’s your first time in Bulgaria am I right?

Sander Van Doorn: This year yeah, yeah.

How do you feel here? Do you like the city, the weather…

I love Sofia you know, it’s a beautiful city and crowd-wise, there is a lot of energy from the clubs over here so I will always be looking forward to playing here.

Speaking of clubs – do you prefer to play in clubs or at festivals ?

Well you know I like to do both. But you know festivals – there is more an adrenalin factor into it. Then again clubs are a lot more intimate so you can shake hands – it’s a lot closer and usually you play a longer set so you can test out a lot of new stuff so I definitely like the combination…

You are going to see how intimate the Bulgarian audience is!

That’s what I like so I’m looking forward to that.

What’s your favorite track of yours?

My favorite track… It’s hard to pinpoint out you know… One of my favorites recently is the collaboration with Oliver Heldens, than again I’ve got a few new tracks coming up I’m really happy about. I’m doing a collaboration with R3hab, we actually just have finished it and it’s going to be great. The track I did with Firebeatз and Julian is actually the one coming up first. It was a track we made during a bus tour in Canada and already the response to that is insane.

Who inspires you to make tracks?

You know that’s the funny thing – I don’t get my inspiration form dance music. I get my inspiration more from bands like Sigur Rós. Its funny how much I search for them to get all the tracks – they are definitely a huge inspiration.

Is there any country or city you have always wanted to play at but you never did?

That’s the thing – I’ve pretty much played all over the world. I’ve never played in the North Pole – I don’t think I ever will…

Why not? You will be the first DJ to play in the North Pole.

Yeah, yeah, it could be something you know playing in a really big igloo. That’s going to be the festival – The Igloo Festival. 🙂

interviewWhen did you realize that DJ-ing is your thing?

Well the thing is I started out as a producer so at first I just wanted to make and produce music so I did – I produced a lot of tracks and because I did that promoters started to ask me are you a DJ, can you play as well? I have already played a little bit as a hobby when I was a student at a local club but I have never actually played as Sander Van Doorn. So I started playing in Switzerland and Poland for the first time and I instantly fell in love with it. Playing your own tracks is the greatest thing you can do – seeing the crowd respond to that.

I’ve asked you already what’s your favorite track of yours, what’s your favorite track of all time ?

My favorite track of all time? Sigur Rós Untitled #8 is really good… Best dance music track – I cannot tell you. There is so much good music out there…

What are your plans for the year? What do you want to do?

I’m going to produce a lot of music… I have already finished 4 tracks and this is not even the start of my studio time. I’m going to produce a lot more music, I’m going to release a lot more singles than in 2014. I’m thinking of doing another bus tour in the US for about 3 weeks this time. There is a lot I’m going to do with Doorn Records release-wise, party-wise, so its going to be a big year!

What about the other thing that you do for living, what do you want to do from now on?

The thing is I’ve lived such a great live being a DJ that to be honest I just want to do this as long as possible. At least for the next 10 years…

How long does it take for you to produce a track and release it?

That’s the thing with producing – some tracks, they take weeks and sometimes even months to get right, other tracks produce themselves so… You can never actually tell. For instance  – „This“ with me and Oliver Heldens was produced in 2 days. Nothing Inside took me a month and a half to get that right.

What are you expecting from the crowd tonight? How do you expect them to react to your new music?

I’m going to play a lot of new tracks, I’m going to try to create as much energy as possible and I hope to get that same energy from the crowd but judging from the past it shouldn’t be a problem…

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