Hailing from Belgrade, Milic Bugarcic aka Spacewalker has been dubbed the “Gilles Peterson of Serbia”.  A bonafide taste-maker, his highly acclaimed radio show “Balanso” on Serbia’s no. 1 radio station B92 (incidentally  the same station that broadcasted Gilles’ “Worldwide”) has been spreading the good vibes for over a decade. Renowned for his long running eclectic Balance parties, Spacewalker is arguably Serbia‘s biggest crate digger and the go-to guy for underground black music, from deep jazz to the freshest beats.

Which track you consider as a number one at your radio show for 2015?
Ironically, it’s one that I still haven’t played  on the show (summer break) – NxWorries – Suade (Stones Throw)

And how about your live performances – is there a favorite track of your fans for this year?
Kendrick Lamar – King  Kunta

Serbian girls and boys are the sexiest on the Balkans – how come? Lea Dobricic told us that it was the natural selection in the hard times after the war that made all this beauty…
It’s an ongoing debate on the reasons why that is. My theory is that it’s because we’re right in the middle between the West and the East, so somehow ended up with the “best of both worlds”…

What is the secret survival guide tip for Belgrade night scene?
Seek out the type of music that you like, there’s all sorts of parties everywhere around  the city, and just enjoy the famous Belgrade nightlife!

Everybody is becoming a DJ these days – what is the magic ingredient that makes a great DJ and a great party according to you?
Unfortunately that’s true. Some will say what makes a great DJ is his energy or his charisma, but it really all comes to one thing – knowledge of the music that he’s playing.

Do you think there’s a special drink for your parties, something that everyone should taste while listening to your music?
A Mojito goes down well I think…

Can you give use three things in common between good beer and your good music?
The mixtures of different (meaning good) flavors, textures & styles!

Home-made tracks or home-made beer?
Listening to home-made tracks while drinking home-made beer!