Yannis (Locomondo): Both the crowd and the bands should leave the venue happy

We are excited about your performance here in Sofia. Tell us who stays behind LOCOMONDO? How everything started? What brought you all together?

Yiannis Varnavas: Locomondo are Markos Koumaris (vocals/ guitar), me – Yiannis Varnavas (guitar vocals), Stamatis Goulas (keyboards, vocals), Spyros Besdekis (Bass), Stratis- Aggelos Soundris (Drums) and Thanassis Tampakis (Sound engineering). It all started as a company of friends who wanted to play the music that they love. The love for groove and danceable music is what brought us all together.

You have been together as a band for more than 10 years. WOW. What have been some of the highlights for you so far? Tells us some curious about the group.

A lot of highlights and stories, which could fill up a book. I guess the moments that everyone in the band remembers are our trip to Jamaica to record our second album and our meeting with Manu Chao, when we played in a Greek festival together. Those were the experiences that changed us as well as our sound in a more significant way.

Recently many Greek groups have live performances in Bulgaria. I have had the pleasure to participate in the gigs of Mary’s flower Superhead and Baildsa. Do you have any collaboration with other Greek bands?

That’s great! We re always happy and proud to see artists having gigs outside of Greece. During the course of these years we have collaborated with a lot of Greek artists as well as international, and it is always a fresh and an enlightening thing for us.

20 г. На тъмноHave you met any interesting Bulgarian musicians till now?

We haven’t in person, but we ‘ve checked on the Internet the bands that are playing with us and we re happily surprised by them! Really good bands, can’t wait to play with them.

Which bands have influences LOCOMONDO’s musical style?

Reggae and Ska is the common ground for everyone in the band, in the sense that we all love and admire this music. Apart from that, everyone in the band has his own personal favorites, which in one way or the other find their way in the sound of the band. From rock to electronic music, to Greek traditional music, to disco… There are a lot of different influences in our sound. That is why we say that we are not a “reggae” band in the traditional sense of the word, but a “reggae” influenced band.

Are you working on any new music?

New ideas and songs are always around. When we feel that it is time for us to release a record or that we have something new to say, than we are thinking about releasing them.

What have you prepared for the Bulgarian audience? What to expect from your concert with Popa Sapka, Locomondo, Milenita and Rebelites on 8th of December at club Mixtape 5?

What we always try to achieve is a party feeling in our gigs, a “fiesta”. Both the crowd and the bands should leave the venue happy in order to consider this a successful night. After checking out the other bands that play with us, we are more than sure that this is going to be a great night!

Do you know what “na tumno” means in Bulgarian and do you have a dark site?

We know that “Na tumno” is a stage in the spirit of Burgas music festival, meaning “in the dark”. We would love to come and play there, if you want us to!

Locomondo Live
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