REVERIE: The European crowds eat me alive

Alex: Hey Reverie, what’s up? How is the Tour preparation going?

Reverie: Hello Alex. The tour preparation is going great! I have been running about 3-4 miles, 3-4 times a week for a couple months now so I can have more stamina on stage. I have been practicing my performance. I have been trying my best to get ready mentally & physically…

That’s great I think I should prepare for your show in Sofia as well. So, can you tell me how did you get into the so called „rap game“?

Well, I don’t really know exactly HOW I got in the rap game because it just kind of happened. I guess I got in by just stepping my foot in to the door. I started off by doing open mics & freestyling at shows & posting my songs online back in the myspace days & damn, 6 years later I’m still making it.

I used to write hella poems as a child. The poems turned into raps when I was in the junior high & I discovered “underground hip hop.” That was when I realized that ANYONE could rap.

ReverieAnyone who has a gift… Are you literary writing lyrics every day? From where do you get your inspiration?

No, I don’t write every day, especially nowadays, everything is getting pretty hectic now & I don’t have a lot of time to do much. I write when I can, or if I’m working on an album, that is when I write the most. It sucks cuz I don’t have a steady studio to write in. If I had a steady studio I would probably write a lot more…

I get my inspiration from life. Everything in this world, everything outside of this world, my friends, my family, my past, my dreams, my fears, my insecurities, everything I know inspires me, even the stuff I don’t like…

OK, so please tell me what is NOT inspiring you at all in the „rap game“ today?

What’s NOT inspiring me in the rap game? I guess 99% of the bull shit they call “rap” on the radio nowadays. I don’t like most of the new hip hop that’s getting recognition but I try to support anyone & everyone that is making hip hop, regardless of whether I like it or not because I just love the genre & I don’t think anyone should have to stay in any kind of box when they hip hop. I want everyone to hip hop out of the box. Hip hop is expanding & transitioning just like anything in life & I am proud of how far it has come & will always support it.

Respect! Let’s talk about your last album… The cover of the new album looks quite dark to me. Is there any difference in your style since your previous album „The Transition“ or the EP „Woolgathering“? Which songs would you perform over the stages of Europe during the „Russian Roulette“ tour?

Russian Roulette IS a very dark album, it’s pretty depressing, but above & beyond that, it’s supposed to be mentally stimulating & mentally challenging to listen to & really understand. It’s the kind of album that you understand more every time you listen to it. Even I hear new things every time I hear it & I make it! Ha-ha. I covered a lot of hush topics that I don’t think most of the world is aware of. I want to shine light in the dark corners in this world, I want people to know that they are not alone.

I think Russian Roulette is going to do that. I would say all of my projects are so different from each other that I can’t really make comparisons. I guess I would have to say “The Transition” is the easiest to listen to & will probably appeal the most to the vast majority of listeners more than my other projects. I guess it is the most diverse.

I guess the main songs I am going to focus on are the songs that have music videos, so as of now, it would be “Palm Trees,” “Always Down,” & “Stagnant.”

Since when have you been working with Louden (your brother) as a producer and beat maker? What do you like most in his works?

I started working with Louden in 2009 when we moved from our hometown, Los Angeles, to Washington State. My mom moved us away to give us a fresh start because we were getting in hella trouble, Louden was in & out of jail, we were on heavy drugs, things just got kind of crazy & she saved us by moving away. I like Louden’s diversity, he doesn’t sound like anyone in particular, & I like that he’s not scared to experiment with sounds.

ReverieYou perform together with Self Provoked. I have heard some of his raw rap things before and they sound to me very different from his new stuff…

Yes, I definitely do agree that his new song that he just dropped sounds different than anything else he has done & that is a great thing. I love his new song, Cyrax, & I am so excited for him to drop “The Propaganda.” I think one of the mistakes that most artists make is to TRY to sound the same & to keep catering to their audience because they don’t want to lose them. I think it’s very important to keep evolving & improving & changing to acquire new fans & listeners. If you always stick to the same sound, you are only going to have the same fans. His new album is gonna be fire, I’m so proud of him.

 I am sure that your upcoming concert in Sofia is gonna be fire… What we can expect from you, Louden and Self Provoked on 24.10 @ Mixtape 5?

You can expect one of the best live shows you will ever see. Louden, Self Provoked & I as a unit, is like nothing you have ever seen before. We are all family & you can feel that when we are on stage together. There is so much love & support circulating when we perform between the 3 of us & the supporters who come out that it’s just bound to be a show you will remember & treasure forever. I am so excited.

What is your impression on Europe so far?

I LOVE EUROPE! The crowds eat me alive. 🙂 They love to party & I love to perform for them. The European scene has been so welcoming & kind.

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