FINK, the aliens and the butcher’s dog

FINK, the aliens and the butcher’s dog

A pretty little chat with FINK just before his performance on the 8th of October @ Sofia Live Club.

anna: You have come a long way since your first album Fresh Production. Which were your greatest breakthroughs in the music career and live?

FINK: It is true – I have come a long way since the electronic music days – the music business has – and that old saying “adapt or die” is as true in art as it is in life itself… The time since I picked up a guitar and started singing is littered with breakthrough moments – like the first  gig when I played Pills In My Pocket and I was so nervous I couldn’t tune my guitar properly – and the audience ended up helping me, to the first sold out show – it was in London, to the first sold out Paradiso in Amsterdam, the first time I stood up onstage in Bremen or something and now – on the latest tour – it will be the first time I’ve played keys onstage after recording the record pretty heavily on keys… Each record kinda moves the needle a little in different directions in different countries y’know – we are proud of our work in what we call “the east” – it’s the sign of a band that loves it’s job I think – the fact that we want to come and play for you even if we have no idea who or how many of you will show up… We’re flattered to be asked back…

And we are flattered to have you again. It will be for the second time in Bulgaria on the 8th of October. What do you remember from the first time, performing in Sofia Live Club?

This club is quite memorable – underneath the club is a maze of tunnels – very, very scary kinda horror movie tunnels – and you have to load all of your gear through them, then get into a really scary kinda horror movie cold war lift to get them up into the club – it is known in our world as the “cross-load from hell” – as we have to push and carry our equipment about a kilometer through these tunnels….I also remember that this place is very intimate – and on a couple of levels – so the show will be less “rocky” and more of an intimate show – I also remember, but I could be wrong about this, that there is a Starbucks within walking distance…we were stunned to fill this place last time – and I remember having a great show…can’t wait to have another one

There is also something magical and scary in your music. 🙂 It sounds to me like out of space. Do you believe in aliens? If you should choose only one of your song to communicate with them, which it will be?

That is unquestionably the most bizarre interview question I have been asked like ever… erm – do I believe in Aliens – well – erm – I’ve never met any to my knowledge – but the universe is a big place – so – you never know – lurking in a corner of our galaxy maybe… One song – mmmm – probably the song “If I Had A Million” – because it’s all about giving…

Let’s have just another bizarre question: If you are reborn what kind of creature, you would like to be…

A butcher’s dog

You have released a new album on 15th September – Resurgam. How do you feel about it? Are you closing the circle to rise again?

Exactly – every record is a new start, every journey begins with a single step – and in my case that could be every album begins with a blank page… When we were going through album titles while we were making the record in London, Resurgam seemed to fit it the best – a strong, confident record – it has melancholy moments of course, but it’s got a kinda optimistic vibe to it – and we are “back” – I threw out 2 kinda side projects over the past 2 years, but this is the first big Fink record since 2014 – so it does feel like we are rising again…

Warm Shadow” was featured in the hit TV show The Walking Dead. Which are your favourite TV shows and in which you would like to hear your music?

My absolute favourite this year was “Better Call Saul” – and I was very happy to hear them use one of my Blues Club tracks for an episode in the latest season – although you have to forget that it’s you or it ruins the vibe – suddenly it’s a TV show and not reality. I was really into Walking Dead at the time too – so watching that air was pretty epic… It’s shameful, and shallow, and I am full of self-loathing about it – but I can’t help liking Game Of Thrones – sorryit’s like the TV equivalent of a big tube of Pringles – and I feel slightly sick after I’ve eaten one of those too… I tend to be more of a reader to be honest…

What does come first – the lyrics or the melody?

Actually – this changes on a track by track basis – the track “This Isn’t A Mistake” was all words first… The track “Not Everything Was Better In The Pastwas all melody first – or like a jam first – basically you get one or the other – and then you have to find the right partner for it – something that suits it – that feels right… I have little lyrics and little melodies floating around in my head all the time – or on bits of paper – or in different sessions in my studio – and it’s like a musical dating game to get the right ones to meet each other…

Do you like fast-tempo songs? Which ones?

Yeah – I like “Pilgrim” off the Hard Believer record…I really like “Resurgam” off the latest record… I love speed and energy in music – and a lot of the electronic music I listen to is fast and linear and hypnotic…

According your opinion, what is the greatest musical event of the XX century? And – the biggest event of the XXI century? 

The twentieth century would go to either Elvis or Kraftwerk… The twenty first… mmmm… The death of Prince….

BE FINK -> October 8th -> Sofia Live Club

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