39th IFPA World Footbag Championships 2018

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39th IFPA World Footbag Championships 2018

Dates: 22.07 – 28.07
Location: Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, comfortably laying in the skirts of the magnificent Vitosha mountain.
Summer in the city – bring sunscreen and don’t underestimate the altitude cause it can get chilly at night.
We write in ancient slavic кирилица, which has enough in common with the latin alphabet to confuse you.
Good thing that all young people speak English and are happy to guide wandering tourists.
The nightlife is notorious, but you came here for a sports competition, right?
Don’t pull off all-nighters, except if you’re a gold medalist.
And prepare for calories burning, because the local cuisine is simply delicious.
Tap water is superb, prices are fair and the default internet speed around here defies the law of physics!
That’s all you need to know for а pleasant stay.



Net Start: 22.07 (Sofia hall)
Freestyle Start: 23.07 (Air domes)
Freestyle & Net Qualifications: 23.07 – 26.07 (both locations in parallel)
Freestyle & Net Semifinals & Finals: 27.07 – 28.07 (Sofia hall, both net and freestyle)

The detailed hour schedule will be posted prior to the event.



Net: Sofia hall, Park Borisova Gradina
Freestyle: Air domes, Park Zaimov
Demonstrations: The stage, Park Borisova Gradina

The game conditions are our top priority, that’s why we booked the best facilities in Sofia.
You might remember Sofia hall from Euros 2016, but what you didn’t know is that it got renovated last year.
We’ve planned to place 8 courts there, which allows enough space for the comfort of net players.
On the other hand (foot?) we have two brand new open tennis domes in park Zaimov park for freestyle.
They are about to be officialy unveiled by the end of May.
Yes, venues are a bit far from each other but we’ll be reunited for the exciting part.

Park Borisova Gradina
Park Zaimov
The Stage


Map (Suggested areas)
Local Hosting

Freestyle players might prefer the region around Zaimov park (marked in red).
If you’re a net player everything around Borisova park will be convenient (marked in purple).
Airbnb is always an option with plenty of cool, decent priced places.
If you can’t afford none of the options above we can help you find a friendly host.
Just list yourself here: https://goo.gl/xfN4ah

The high quality Park Hotel Moskva *** is the most convenient place to stay. We negotiated the following rates for players:
single room – 69 BGN (35.28 EUR) per night
double room – 88 BGN (45 EUR) per night
junior suite – 120 BGN (61.36 EUR) per night
Just email marketing@parkhotelmoskva.net with Subject: World Footbag Championships” to book a room!


Начало: юли 22, 2018 @ 12:00
Край: юли 28, 2018 @ 20:00
Цена: Безплатно – 120лв.
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Събитието във Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/390986508038457/


София, Bulgaria

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