[dunkelbunt]: The harmonious whole can only exist with disharmonies…


[dunkelbunt]: The harmonious whole can only exist with disharmonies…

Take a look around at Beglika Fest 2015’s program and be free to listen and read some words from Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt].

anna: Hello from DJambore.com – the independent Bulgarian media for music. I love your music and I am looking forwards to see you in Bulgaria during Beglika Fest 2015! Describe your music in 3 words!

[dunkelbunt]: Soul food, medicine, universal language

Do you feel that it is not so innovative to mix Balkan beats with electronic as it used to be or the audience will be always interested in electro swing/Balkan beats?

Trends come and go. So many people are not interested anymore in Balkan beats and electro swing (so I am for many years) but the world is huge so there are always countries and communities who are still hungry to this kind of music.

You have worked with Balkan Beat Box, Waldeck, Parov Stelar, Gotye, Tori Amos, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Boban Markovic Orkestar, Fanfare Ciocarlia, etc. Who’s next?


dunkelbuntYou have travelled all over the world. Could you tell me the most exotic place you have ever played?

Nearly every place is exotic, it just depends on the angle you watch it J and what you are used to. So my opinion changed over the years. Sometimes I find the austrians very exotic J As more as you open yourself to the place as less exotic it is… But yes all paradise nature places… Kelebekler Vadesi (Turkey), Hawaii (Maui) when I cycled the Hana Highway around the Island, Morocco, South Africa. You know many places that should be exotic aren’t exotic anymore as the European conquerors destroyed the culture and nature of those places… I felt always disappointed traveling around half of the planet (Australia, America) to see the native culture and people wiped out…

According to your webpage “[dunkelbunt] is a traveller on behalf of the music, his mission is the search for an harmoniuos whole”. Where you can always find harmony?

You know the harmonious whole can only exist with disharmonies. Otherwise you would not regocnize harmony. The challenge is to put the disharmonies and harmonies together in the right relation. So it is not about creating a harmonic bubble but to create positive energy that gives us strength, hope and joy, that widens our horizon, that let us see the beauty of mother nature and ALL the creatures including ourselves..

What’s the first thought in your mind when you hear the word “DJambore”… 

Tamborine, Amore, Djembe…

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