Drunken Octopus spilling wine and art

CaptureууууDJambore.com keeps an eye over the smooth movements of Drunken Octopus and we occasionally accompany the band of open-mined improvised music (and not only) ideological tentacles to manage to meet Carlos Leitao. He is the initiator and the inspirator of all the people around him who love playing together.

An: Hello again Carlos!After you toured us around Rio de Janeiro it is time to tell us more about Drunken Octopus developmentJ Is the Octopus getting more drunk? Where are your tentacles recently?

Carlos: Well you know that we are serious about drinking and party. That’s why we play twice in a month only. We are improving a lot thanks to our Dictator, Vihren Pauonov. He’s directing us to be musical and simple. We’ve been having late night music classroom. We play mostly in cool bars that good people that drink and smoke goes. And they are few: NoSleep, Kontrabar, Fallen Angel, and a few more that we still did not have the time to set up a date.

Little 5 CornersAn: How many are you playing Cosmopolitan Psychadellic Rock ‘n’ Roll now and do you have plans for making a video?

Carlos: Now we are about 15 people, playing 4 hours non-stop music. With zero songs : ) We are planning to make a roadie movie in a near future but no video-clips and no live recording. It’s embarrassing sometimes see yourself a little more excited.

An: Tell me more about the new drunken octopus place „Little 5 Corners“…

Carlos: The name is Little 5 Corners and it was our headquarter. After 6 months no-stop party there, we decide to open it to more friends and to promote art there. From music to poetry this place, at the heart of the city is made to promote and upgrade culture in Sofia. As well to promote good wineries because wine for us is art. We are very open and please contact us if you have any art project in mind.

An: I am going to drink a lot of wine there, for sure. How was the grand opening of “Little 5 Corners”?

Carlos: Amazing. Very cool people, best musicians in town playing live (you could hear in Grapha), people outside happily waving to us, great wines from Villa Lyubimets and tapas. The master-plan is to make Saturday 5pm at Little 5 Corners a musician meeting tradition in Sofia. We will bring the good people all together. And you will hear us from the street.

An: Something else except for music, wine and octopuses?

Carlos: Yes, cigarettes and good food to support that trinity above.


[media link=https://soundcloud.com/drunkenoktopus/a-lovely-night]