Balkan dazing with Thanos from the gypsy punk band Baildsa

baildsa tour

Shangri Live presents the second tour of the gypsy punk maniacs – BaiLdSA (Thanos Gountanos,  Yiannis Gountanos, Dimitris Havlidis, Yiannis Ioannidis, Paschalis Karvounaris, Othon Kokkinos and Yiannis Vamvakas).

baildsa tour

After their first tour in 2013 the band gathered a big fan club in Bulgaria, and now it is time to hit the stage again this april.

The concerts’dates are: April 8 – Sofia, April 9 – Plovdiv, April 10 – Burgas, April 11 – Varna, April 12 – Veliko Tarnovo. have asked Thanos Gountanos (the vocal of the band) some questions just to be prepared for the balkan explosion…

An: Hello from – the independent Bulgarian media for music. It is great you are coming back on tour in Bulgaria. What happened last year, have you been surprised by something, what are your impressions…

Thanos: Hi there friends! This is Thanos from BAiLdSA from Thessaloniki, Greece. After the first Bulgarian Tour in November 2013, we are coming back for the BG Spring Tour 2014 so soon! That means that the last explosive concerts in 8 cities helped to start building fans in our neighbor country! Florian Demirev and Shangri Live organized the whole thing for us and we had great time in every city we went, from small to big stages meeting great people ready for Balkan party! The road tour was a great experience through beautiful snowy mountains, people embraced us and we also enjoyed the special food and drinks everywhere!

baildsa tourAn:  Have you met any interesting Bulgarian bands that have more or less similar sound as yours?

Thanos: We listen Bulgarian music in general, starting from folk and traditional where there are really inspiring artists like Ivo Papazov, Theodosii Spassov, Petar Ralchev and many more, to modern underground Bulgarian music such bands are: Pizza, Wickeda, Obraten Efekt, Svetlio and the Legends, HIpodil and Q-Check. We were happy to meet some of the guys during previous tour and we hope to see them again!

An: Do you think there is difference between the audiences in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia or Turkey?

Thanos: There is a lot common things in people like that they like dancing, singing and being enthusiastic. Also, common things in music helps a lot for an over-Balkan communication. Some times you feel the lyrics through the power of music. We enjoy so much traveling the Balkans for all the above reasons.

An: I like very much the name of the band, it sounds to us like a traditional Bulgarian meal – “banitsa”…

Thanos: Haha, that’s funny, banitsa! Baildsa is a Turkish origin word that exists in all Balkans region, slightly changed, but with similar meaning as “to faint” or “I am fed up”. This is the main reason we chose it.

An: I like the title of your album United States of Balkans also. What do you think may unite Balkan region except for the food and music?:)

Thanos: As for the first album U.S.B. (October 2011) “United States of Balkans”, it is an obvious projection of what we believe and dream of. Unity among people is the biggest power of humanity and it’s true that politics manage the opposite by the division of the people by borders, races and nations. This is by it is scratch wrong, because the people naturally blend with each other and if somebody travels and meet his neighbors with open mind and open heart, he will discover a new way of seeing life. That’s what we support.

An: Have you participated in any big festivals? You said that you have some kind of gypsy sound that have you have performed in Guča? Could you recommend us some interesting upcoming musical events?

Thanos: We have performed in big festivals in Greece, Macedonia and Turkey and we also plan to play in some festivals in Bulgaria and Europe for summer. A notable event was the open act for Manu Chao’s concert in Skopje. Guča is the paradise of brass Balkan music! We never played there but we wish it! In April after the Bulgarian Spring Tour 2014 in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Tarnovo, we go to Turkey for 3 shows in Ankara, Kadiköy and Beyoǧlu in Istanbul.

An: What’s the new thing that we should expect during your second tour in Bulgaria?

Thanos: We added to our plalist some of the new songs that we are going to release with 2nd album and also some special baildsa-covers that’s going to explode the stages! We are happy that we are going to share the stage with some friends from Bulgaria such Obraten Efekt, НЕЩО ЦВЕТНО and Toy Letters.