Kan Wakan and the killing beauty of the sundance

Hi, I know your music for a long time, and now, I want to get to know the person behind it… What do you think about yourself? Hello! Thank you for having me! What kind of person… it’s quite a philosophical thing isn’t it… self reflection is a luxury. to reflect on one’s self and […]

Yellow Spots: Expect a high, energetic, fast swing-a-billy show!

Can’t wait for Yellow Spots live performances in Sofia and Plovdiv? Let’s take a word with the band before that. anna: Have you been to Bulgaria before? What do you expect? Daniel Schlekman (dobok, vokál / drums, vocal – Schleki): Yello’ everybody! We are waitin’ to show you our absolutely not normal and very spectacular […]


Mariza ми говори… за достигане до духовна зрялост, интимност и детски приспивни песни anna: Всеки път нещо ми трепва отвътре, когато разбера, че пак ще си в София. И сега е така, а ти идваш вече за трети път в България. Спомняш ли си нещо интересно от последните посещения тук? Mariza: Всеки път, когато идвам […]

Marc O’Reilly: Hopefully, I have managed to swim against the current!

Sweet talks are made of this… Put some Irish whiskey in your coffee and listen to Marc O’Reilly… anna: Hello from – the independent Bulgarian media for music taste! How does it taste your music? Like an Irish whiskey – smooth and sweet? Are there any side effects? Marc O’Reilly: Haha, I hope it […]

Ara Malikian: I wish to be on stage for the rest of my life

Ara Malikian – one of the most colorful and magnificent violinists of our generation, has strong fingers and friendly words. Read cautiously. 🙂 anna: Hello from – the independent Bulgarian media for music! I love your crazy style and vibes and it will be an honor for me to see them “alive” on 28th […]

Eyes Up for József Trefeli & Mike Winter

“UP is an enigmatic state inspiring immediate enthusiasm. In this new choreography six amazing men dance a dynamic lifting vocabulary with raw energy to exhilarating result. “ József Trefeli & Mike Winter’s play UP is a part of ONE DANCE WEEK program. Interested in what they are UP to, we have exchanged a few words […]