ALCEST to the gleaming shelters hidden somewhere in the sun


More than 14 years the French post-rock band ALCEST does not stop of creating music. Neige (guitar, bass, synthesizer and vocals) and Winterhalter (drums) are charming with music (they define themselves as latterday French Dream-pop exemplars – you may understand this definition as you want, but if you haven’t listened to them immediately click here to see what I mean).

Grozdan: It is great you are coming in Bulgaria for Sofia Rock Festival. Is this going to be your first visit in Bulgaria? How’s your tour going on? Where am I finding you right now?

Winterhalter: I think that it will be the first time for us in Bulgaria and we are very curious about this show. We are back from a Japanese and Chinese tour and now we are playing summer festivals a bit everywhere, so everything is fine! I’m home, relaxing between two gigs, I’m leaving in two days to play a festival in Estonia.

Grozdan: You have released your fourth full length album recently. Nowadays, some artists think that it is really senseless to release full length albums because they cannot generate the same income as they used to in the past. Do you think the era of the singles has come?

Winterhalter: For me the most important is to record an album we like, then to promote it on stage in the front of people. If you are just thinking about generating income, then perhaps the music scene is not the best and easiest place to be. So for me singles are good promotion tools, but not necessarily the most important.

Grozdan: Your new album “Shelter” has quite different sound from “Les Voyages”. What made you to step away from the metal influences?

Alcest Shelter coverWinterhalter: I think that it was a natural progression for Alcest, we knew when we were working on the “Shelter” songs that some metal fans who discovered Alcest with “Ecailles de Lune” or “Les Voyages de L’âme” would be disappointed, but by listening to the first album “Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde” you can hear that its actually closer to “Shelter” than any other album we’ve released; it’s still the music of Alcest, it’s just played differently. Alcest can be seen as a stone and every side is different from the other one, its the same for the albums, its still the same music, but is presented a bit differently. We don’t want to always play the same music again and again and to release the same album, we have no barriers, we want to try different ways to express the music of Alcest.

Grozdan: What kind of music do you prefer to listen? Does it influence your own music?

Winterhalter: I’m listening to a lot of music, but mostly Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. But I’m trying to put the least influences as possible into Alcest.

Grozdan: You are coming for Sofia Rock Festival. What have you prepared for the Bulgarian audience on the 6th of July?

Winterhalter: We will play a bit of every albums, like a kind of Alcest summary, so for people who don’t know the band it can be a good way to discover the world of Alcest.

Grozdan: What are your plans after the summer tour?

Winterhalter: We are going to tour in South America, then I think that we will work again on the new album.


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